Bespoke Custom Dress Shirts

Bespoke custom dress shirts have many qualities which make them stand out with distinction. Off-the-rack clothing is made to fit as many people as possible within each size range, and the garments are usually ill-fitting. While the fit is the biggest detail which sets bespoke custom dress shirts apart, each detail of the shirt comes together as a whole to make a strong statement that the person wearing it just looks better than the average Joe.

Button Holes

A detail like a button hole may seem unimportant, but you are sure to notice the difference between the button holes on bespoke custom dress shirts as compared to budget fashions. There are more stitches, and the opening on hand sewn button holes on custom shirts are very clean. Hand stitched button holes don’t fray, which gives you an overall sharper appearance.

Tighter Stitching

The stitching of a garment is an important detail which affects the quality, durability, and appearance of bespoke custom dress shirts. There are usually about 18 stitches per inch around collars and cuffs on quality shirts.

Single-Needle Stitching

Fine bespoke custom dress shirts have single-needle side seam stitching along the bottom and sides of the sleeves, which produces a narrow, elegant seam that is extremely tight and durable. On the outside of custom shirts, one line of thread is visible, which is important. When twin-stitching is used, the seams begin to pucker, giving evidence that the shirt has been washed and dried multiple times. The reason it is more common to see twin-needle stitching is because it is easier on the person sewing the shirt together. There is more skill needed to produce bespoke custom dress shirts with single-needle stitching all around.

Secure Buttons

As much as clothing costs, no one wants to have to worry about little things such as buttons popping off, and yet that is what often happens with poor quality garments. Bespoke custom dress shirts are attached in a way which provides only a slight amount of looseness. A crisscross pattern of sewing a button on produces a stronger attachment than parallel stitches. It is faster and less expensive to sew on buttons with parallel stitches, which is why it is the common practice on shirts of poor quality.

Sleeve Placket Button

A strong tell-tale sign of quality men’s shirts is that there is a small button sewn on the sleeve placket. This is a part of the shirt sleeve that opens up when the cuff is unbuttoned. The button prevents there being a gap, but there is no button in low-quality shirts that are sewn quickly and with cost-cutting measures.

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