Bespoke fitted Shirts

Bespoke fitted shirts have a quality that can best be described by the definition of “bespoke.” The term means “to speak for something;” and when you wear custom-made clothing, your garment truly does say something about you, the wearer. In a world of off-the-rack, ready-to-wear clothing, bespoke fitted shirts loudly proclaim that the wearer is interested in donning only well-fitted, fine garments. When the custom-made shirts are made at Festari for Men, the shirts invariably also make a statement about the wearer having good taste and a solid sense of style.

Perfect Fit

Garments are off-the-rack, made-to-measure, or made-from scratch. It is very rare to find ready to wear garments that fit a person perfectly. Made-to-measure clothing comes much closer, but the shirts still start out with a generic pattern that is cut based on a few measurements. There are approximately 16 measurements involved with creating an all new pattern for a person who is ordering bespoke fitted shirts. In addition to the many measurements, there are at least two fittings, since measurements can be sent online. The additional fittings ensure that the garment fits perfectly.

What does a perfect fit look like? Not just the neck size or the sleeve length of a shirt is right. Instead, the arms are fitted, the cuff falls in the right place, the buttons don’t pull anywhere, and there are no areas in which extra fabric has the appearance of abundant blousing. The shoulder of the shirt is exactly where the shoulder of the wearer is. These small details are what make a profound difference in the way bespoke fitted shirts look on a man.

The Bespoke Difference

Mass produced clothing is made with the benefit of modern technology. Bespoke fitted shirts cannot be produced in any other way than with painstaking handwork. In addition to the beauty of a perfect fit, the details of the shirts include handwork that cannot be matched with machinery. The single-needle stitching that is used, for example, is more difficult to achieve and is far superior to commonly used twin-needle stitching. Hand sewn buttonholes are proof that the small details of a shirt matter; they are extremely resistant to fraying and are much more attractive than machine-sewn buttonholes.

For the man with discerning taste in style, it is considered a great benefit to work with a bespoke tailor on the intricacies of bespoke fitted shirts. Part of the beauty of bespoke clothing is that it is made with the personal taste and preference of the wearer.  Any man who wears bespoke fitted shirts will be set apart, and the shirt will speak good things about and for him.