Best custom men’s dress shirts Houston

Best custom men’s dress shirts Houston is Festari for Men, and Rudy Festari is ready to prove it.  Whatever the occasion, Rudy can create the perfect dress shirt made especially for you.

Rudy Festari was born and reared in Rome, Italy, where he learned the fine art of men’s fashion and quality custom tailoring.  After becoming a master tailor, Rudy brought his artistry and his skills to America, and to Houston, Texas, where he founded Festari for Men.  He began his business with a promise to himself; to provide the highest-quality men’s clothing and accessories, affordable priced, with the absolute best in personal service.  At Best custom men’s dress shirts Houston, Rudy fulfills that promise daily.

Men often wonder why the selection of a particular dress shirt is so important.  After all, since it is worn with a coat and tie covering it, only a small portion of a dress shirt is usually visible.  Wearing just any dress shirt with a custom-tailored suit is like driving a Rolls Royce with a pair of foam dice hanging from the rear-view mirror.  The shirt and the tie accentuate the lines of the suit, helping to define its quality and the quality of the wearer.  Rudy Festari and his staff at Festari for Men understand that every part of your attire, at any given time, should announce to the world who, and what, you are, both outwardly and inwardly.  You are an uncompromising man. Best custom men’s dress shirts Houston can mark you as winner through and through.

Best custom men’s dress shirts Houston – Best in Quality; Best in Personal Service

At Festari for Men, Rudy Festari offers the highest-quality in suits, dress shirts, and casual wear, whether it is custom made or custom tailored.  Rudy and his other master tailors will always help you choose the styles that are best for you, and they will make sure you get a perfect fit every time.  Best custom men’s dress shirts Houston always offers the best in quality, but there’s more.

A man’s appearance is a personal thing for him, so he has every right to expect a high degree of personal service when selecting his clothing.  Festari for Men provides the very best in personal service.  Rudy and his staff will make you comfortable and put you at ease as they get to know you.  Once they get acquainted with you, the folks at Festari for Men can begin helping you make selections by showing you various styles, and suggesting those best for you.  Best custom men’s dress shirts Houston always works for you.

Rudy Festari takes personal service another step.  Sometimes your busy schedule may make it inconvenient for you to visit Festari for Men.  At such times, Festari for Men will come to you at your home or office.  At Best custom men’s dress shirts Houston, our schedule will fit your schedule.  Just call us at 713-626-1234 and schedule an appointment time and place.