Best custom men’s dress Shirts

Best custom men’s dress shirts what you are shopping for? If these will be your first bespoke shirts, it may be best to transform your wardrobe altogether and start with nothing but the best custom men’s dress shirts. Once you start wearing clothes that fit properly, chances are good that you won’t want to go back to wearing off-the-rack garments.

Building a Wardrobe

Focusing on the basics is a great approach to building a new look for yourself. If you want to buy the best custom men’s dress shirts, you will want to visit Festari for Men in Houston. Festari is located in the Galleria area, but you can also get started online. Rudy Festari, the owner, is from Italy; and he is well known for his attention to detail in creating impeccable men’s bespoke clothing.

In addition to the best custom men’s dress shirts, add only pants and shirts that fit your body well. Throw out or donate the clothing that fits tight here but is too loose there. The underlying rule to the ideal wardrobe is that the clothes, if nothing else, must fit well.

A Well-Fitted Suit

Every man needs a suit in his wardrobe, to go along with the best custom men’s dress shirts. It may not seem like the cost would be worth it, but buying a custom-made suit is an investment you will probably feel thankful for buying every time you wear it, which will be often. There is no comparing the way a person looks when dressed from head-to-toe in clothes that fit as compared with wearing ill-fitting garments.

Other Essentials

Match the best custom men’s dress shirts with a properly fitted pair of jeans, and you have another good addition to your wardrobe. Of course, you will want to be sure your shoes are clean. With a jacket, wear either a belt or suspenders, depending on your height and weight.

Dress for Your Body Type

If you are unfamiliar with how to dress according to your physique, the following are a few tips:

  • A tall man should wear clothing that has horizontal lines, which break up the eye’s journey up the man’s body.
  • A man short in stature should wear clothing which accommodates the eyes looking up the body to the air above, which adds a sense of height.
  • A large man is slimmed down most effectively by wearing solid colors and a deep “V” in the jacket front, to elongate the chest and make it appear thinner.
  • A thin man should wear the best custom men’s dress shirts with features that help achieve a bulked-up look.

Contact Festari for Men to get your renewed wardrobe started with the best custom men’s dress shirts.