Best custom mens dress shirts Houston

Best custom mens dress shirts Houston can be found at Festari for Men, located at 1800 Post Oak Boulevard in the Galleria area of Houston, Texas.  Perfection in men’s fashion lives here.

The city of Rome, Italy, has a long, and amazing, history.  It is the Mecca of western civilization, and for about a thousand years, all roads did indeed literally lead to Rome.  Roman architecture, Roman engineering, and Roman literature have spread all over the world, and Roman philosophers have been renowned for centuries.  For two millennial, Rome has been the center of western culture. It’s natural that Rome is where fashion was born. Into that remarkable background, Rudy Festari was born.  Spending his younger years, surrounded by phenomenal architecture and engineering in the center of western culture, Rudy studied, and applied, his chosen art – men’s fashion and fine tailoring.  After many years of dedicated study and practice, Rudy became a master tailor, and brought his talents to America.

Having grown up in the center of western culture, when Rudy Festari came to America, he chose to settle in Texas, a state known for its remarkable men. Mister Festari chose to ply his trade in a city named after the man who led Texas to its independence – Sam Houston.  Rudy created Best custom mens dress shirts Houston, and called it “Festari for Men.”

Best custom mens dress shirts Houston – It’s an Adventure.

Romans have long been known as an adventurous people, and for the last three centuries, so have Texans.  Now, Rudy Festari has combined those rich cultures and that adventurous spirit at Festari for Men, producing Best custom mens dress shirts Houston, where Rudy doesn’t just sell you clothing – he provides you with an adventure.

A visit with Rudy and his other master tailors at Festari for Men provides you a real adventure in fine top-quality men’s fashions and tailoring with a remarkable, and memorable, adventure in real personal service.  Best custom mens dress shirts Houston will make your individuality stand out in any crowd.

The folks at Festari for Men will get to know you and develop a close relationship with you.  In that way, they can best understand the individual you are, and help you choose the best styles that accentuate and project that individuality.  Best custom mens dress shirts Houston will listen to you, and suggest various parts of your attire that will blend into the perfect look for you.

Rudy Festari takes personal service to a higher level.  You’re a busy man, with people to meet, hands to shake, and deals to make, so why not let Festari for Men come to you?  Rudy will have a master tailor visit with you, allowing you to make selections and have measurements taken in the comfort of your own home or office. Rudy further guarantees that your custom tailored clothing will be ready for you to wear within seven to ten days.  So, please call Best custom mens dress shirts Houston at 713-626-1234 today.