Best Custom Mens Dress Shirts

Best custom mens dress shirts cost more than off-the-rack clothing but are a better investment, in the long run. Festari for Men in Houston, Texas, provides an affordable option for bespoke clothing. There are several features you will get in best custom mens dress shirts which clearly set them apart from ready-to-wear dress shirts.

High Quality Fabric

When you order best custom mens dress shirts from Festari for Men, you will choose from fabrics that are from the five top mills in the world. The quality of fabrics is determined by the mills which create them and whether they adhere to high standards of excellence.

The quality fabrics used for the best custom mens dress shirts have a high thread count. They may be a solid color, striped, or plaid, but you will be able to tell by the way they feel that they are made with fine fabric. It’s not just the feel, however, but also the look of excellent fabrics which will set your bespoke shirts apart from ready-to-wear shirts.

Perfect Fit

When you buy the best custom mens dress shirts from Festari, you are buying clothing that fits you unlike any ready-made garment can. The fit of your shirt will be obvious, from the closeness to your body, the length of the sleeves, the fit of the shoulders and arms, and the length. You will present a sharp, professional image when you buy made-from-scratch shirts.

Impactful Details

Festari is known for being devoted to creating the best custom mens dress shirts with an obvious attention to details. There are features in bespoke shirts that you will not see in less expensive clothing. For instance, whether your collar is semi-spread, straight-point, or button-down, it will be perfectly symmetrical and fall in just the right place in proportion to your suit jacket. The handwork further adds to the sleek look of a specially designed shirt. Buttonholes are beautifully stitched by hand and will not fray for many, many washings. Whether the cuffs are barrel, square, French, or round, they will fall precisely where they should on a well-dressed man. These details make a difference in how a man looks. Simply by wearing the best custom mens dress shirts, you are dressing well and making a positive statement about yourself to all those you encounter.


There are more stitches in the best custom mens dress shirts, which is another reason they are more durable than off-the-rack clothes. There is also hand stitching that allows the shirt to breathe more than certain machine-sewed features.

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