Best Online Custom Dress Shirts

Best online custom dress shirts can be ordered from Festari for Men in Houston. The owner, Rudy Festari, is from Italy and creates made-from-scratch garments for men using only fabrics from the five foremost mills in the world. There are many qualities of bespoke shirts that cause them and the men wearing them to stand out in crowds.

Fine Qualities of Custom Shirts

The quality of the fabric, the unique custom-made design, the stitching, and the small hand sewn details are all what make Festari shirts the best online custom dress shirts. It is the fit, however, that is the number one distinction. It is practically impossible to find an ideal fit from a garment chosen straight off the rack.

Signs of Ideal Fit

In case you don’t know exactly how to put your finger on what is so very right about the look of the best online custom dress shirts, check out the following indicators of a perfect fit:

  • When you move in a well-fitted shirt, there is no uncomfortable pinching or bunching up of the garment.
  • The shoulder seams of the shirt don’t fall above or below but exactly at the shoulders in the best online custom dress shirts.
  • The collar of custom-made dress shirts is perfectly symmetrical, beautifully stitched, and extends precisely where it should, according to the type of cut.
  • The collar will not have a gap or overlap. It will fit at the throat neatly. Only one finger should fit between your throat and the buttoned collar.
  • The shirt fits close to the body, regardless of a person’s physique. No matter what body type you have, it looks best when the shirt fits your body, as opposed to hanging loosely or ballooning around the waist. There will be no gaping between buttons on the best online custom dress shirts because the shirts will be correctly fitted.
  • The length of the shirt’s arms fit your arms perfectly, which is a sure sign of a custom shirt, since most people have one arm that is slightly longer than the other.
  • The shirt should fall between four and six inches below the waistband of your pants. It is important for a shirt to be long enough to stay tucked in your pants without adding too much bulk.
  • The best online custom dress shirts’ cuffs will fall exactly where they should in the short distance past the wrist to the hands’ bone knobs.

No need for guesswork anymore. If your shirts don’t fit as described above, waste no time ordering the best online custom dress shirts from Festari for Men.