Big and tall custom dress shirts

Big and tall custom dress shirts have been located at Festari for Men in Houston, Texas, and, according to Festari clients, the shirts are magnificent.

For years now, Festari for Men has been creating big and tall custom dress shirts, and other fine men’s fashions, through the direction of founder, Rudy Festari, a native of Rome, Italy.

In that old and historical city, noted for men’s fashions and fine tailoring, Rudy studied and became a master before bringing his artistry and craftsmanship to Houston, where he markets his creations at Festari for Men, located at 1800 Post Oak Boulevard.  If you’re searching for big and tall custom dress shirts, you need look no further than Festari for Men.

Big and tall custom dress shirts – Highest Quality, Great Value, and Tremendous Service

When you’re looking for big and tall custom dress shirts, you expect high quality in materials and workmanship.  At Festari for Men, Rudy Festari only uses the finest quality materials to produce his expertly designed men’s fashions with the finest tailoring.  “Impeccable” is a good word to describe all of the attire offered by Rudy Festari, because only the best is good enough to earn his label.

When you’re looking for big and tall custom dress shirts, you’re also looking for value, and great value is exactly what you’ll find at Festari for Men.  When you purchase custom clothing, you’re making an investment, and as with all investments, you expect to reap a profit.  Wearing the creations of Rudy Festari will make you stand out in your crowd, gaining the attention and respect of all those around you, and thereby providing you a profit in terms of recognition as a man on the cutting edge.

Now, let’s get down to the real nitty-gritty.  When you’re thinking of making an investment in big and tall custom dress shirts, or any other custom men’s attire, you expect good service, and Rudy Festari’s service is tremendous.  Rudy highly believes in personal service, and that’s exactly what you get at Festari for Men, where Rudy’s team will get to know you personally before even attempting to satisfy your clothing needs.  Anyone in the fashion industry can sell you a shirt or a suit, but Rudy only succeeds if he provides you with the attire that best-projects your particular finest traits, both inward and outward.  Yet, Rudy Festari’s brand of personal service doesn’t end at the door to his store.

When it is inconvenient for you to visit Festari for Men, why not let Rudy Festari’s team come to you?  If you call 713-626-1234, the folks at Festari for Men will gladly schedule an appointment for a master tailor to visit with you at your home or office, at a time of your convenience, allowing you to shop for the finest quality in men’s apparel in the comfort of your own surroundings.  Now, that is personal service!