Big and Tall Custom Fitted Dress Shirts

Big and tall custom fitted dress shirts provide men of a very particular size with an important solution, which is enabling them to be sharp dressers. Most big and tall men discover early how tough it can be to find clothing with any kind of a decent fit. Festari for Men in Houston provides an affordable and game-changing solution. When you buy big and tall custom fitted dress shirts, you are buying quality clothing that fits perfectly. There are actually certain strategies for men of every shape which enhance their appearance even more than simply wearing the right fit.


Heavy or large men usually benefit most from wearing solid colors or vertical lines. The up-and-down lines aren’t always flattering in big and tall custom fitted dress shirts, however, because in places where the body bends or bulges, the stripes can look more like curvy lines. As far as jackets, it is best to wear them with a deep “V” shape in the front, which makes the chest look longer and thinner. Wear suspenders rather than a belt, as a strategy for not drawing more attention to the waist.


Because men who are 6 foot 3 and taller loom over those around them, they can especially benefit from wearing big and tall custom fitted dress shirts that will cloak their height somewhat. The best strategy is to break up the height with various horizontal lines, such as pocket flaps. Large lapels are also recommended on suits for tall men. Definitely avoid vertical stripes, which lengthen your body.


Some men who set out to buy big and tall custom fitted dress shirts could more accurately be described as tall and rather thin. There are numerous ways to enhance the appearance of a thin man. The collar, for instance, should fit snugly against the skin. Shirt cuffs should be tight enough to stay up when buttoned.

There are some ways to bulk up a thin man with custom-made garments. There is, however, a fine line because while adding bulk, it’s important not to create a look in which the clothing style swallows up the man. Bulk can be added nicely with thick cuffs, pockets with flaps, and trouser pleats.


Obviously, a man shopping for big and tall custom fitted dress shirts doesn’t have a height deficit. For men who are short, the best choice of style is to wear clothes that encourage an uninterrupted line from toes to head and beyond. This creates an illusion of more height.

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