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Big and tall dress shirts are perfect for the man who wants to look his best. The made-from-scratch shirts created at Festari for Men are high-quality and yet affordable. You, the customer, will enjoy wearing a perfectly fitted shirt made with luxurious material. Your selection of colors and patterns is practically limitless. Our expert tailors can help you make your choice, and there are some principles related to color that make it easier to determine the best color for a particular man’s big and tall dress shirts.

Shirt Colors for Low Contrast Men

When a man has light skin and light hair, he falls in the low-contrast category and should choose colors for big and tall dress shirts accordingly. Men who are bald or have little hair or red hair are also typically in the low contrast category.

The best colors for a low contrast man are monochromatic. Dark suits, for example, should be paired with earth-toned or perhaps dark blue big and tall dress shirts. The best look is achieved when wearing a tie that is also of a similar shade.

Shirt Colors for High Contrast Men

A man is high contrast if there is a stark difference between skin and hair color. The best choices for high contrast men are big and tall dress shirts with a high contrast to his jacket. For instance, a charcoal suit should be matched with a blue shirt or pair a white shirt with a black or navy suit. Ties in colors that stand out also look great on high contrast men.

Shirt Colors for Medium Contrast Men

In the medium contrast category are, for example, men with light skin and gray or white hair. Choosing clothing with a low contrast would work best for big and tall dress shirts for these men.

Color Wheel Guide

The color wheel is an extremely helpful tool when choosing colors for big and tall dress shirts. Men’s outfits typically have a core color, such as the jacket. To choose an accent color for the shirt, partly based on a man’s contrast, go with a complementary, triad, or analogous color. Complementary colors are directly across from each other on the color wheel. Triad colors are equal distances on the color wheel. Analogous colors border each other on the wheel. You can tell by looking at the colors whether they produce high or low contrast.

In addition to a flattering color, you can count on Festari to get the most important element of your clothing right, which is the fit of your big and tall dress shirts.