Big & Tall mens custom dress shirts

Big & Tall mens custom dress shirts has a home in Houston, Texas at Festari for Men.

While in Rome, Italy, perfecting his artistry of men’s fashions, and becoming a master tailor, Rudy Festari well-learned that, as individuals, men don’t fit into any particular mold; neither in physical attributes, nor in personality and character.  Individual men are as different as snowflakes.  So, when he brought his fine art and skilled craftsmanship to Houston, Texas, Rudy founded Festari for Men with individuality in mind.  Big & Tall mens custom dress shirts expresses individuality.

A dress shirt, like the tie and accessories, should help accentuate and define a particular suit, and hence do the same for the man wearing it.  A custom dress shirt should never be used as an attempt to make any man fit into some mold of the “perfect man,” but rather it should help project the individual definition of its wearer, including his physical traits as well as his personality and character.  At Big & Tall mens custom dress shirts, Rudy Festari makes every part of your attire work for you by expressively accentuating the individual that is you.

Big & Tall mens custom dress shirts – Fine Tailoring Affordably Priced

Whatever your clothing budget, Rudy Festari, and his staff at Festari for Men, will always work with you to assure that you receive the best value for your dollar.  Mister Festari sincerely believes that his continued success depends upon the success of you, his client.  Rudy Festari understands that if you don’t look good, then he doesn’t look good, and Rudy likes to look his best.  Big & Tall mens custom dress shirts, the home of affordably priced fine tailoring for men can be found at 1800 Post Oak Boulevard in Houston.  You can expect more at Festari for Men, and you get it.

Big & Tall mens custom dress shirts – It’s Personal.

Choosing clothing is a personal matter to you, and, accordingly, Festari for Men offers the best in personal service.  It takes considerable skill to create a finely-tailored suit or dress shirt, but creating the exact attire for a particular individual in a particular circumstance requires the skill of getting acquainted with that individual on a personal level, learning his particular qualities, and discerning his outstanding individual characteristics.  That’s where, at Big & Tall mens custom dress shirts, our personal service shines.

Since choosing clothing is a personal matter, perhaps it would be helpful if your tailor comes to you.  Festari for Men is happy to make that happen.  Just call 713-626-1234, and Rudy Festari will gladly bring his store to you, where you can shop for clothing in the comfort and privacy of your own home or office, guaranteeing that your custom attire will be ready to wear within seven to ten days.