Custom dress shirts Houston

Custom dress shirts Houston has a home at 1800 Post Oak Boulevard in Houston, Texas, at the place where the most successful men shop – Festari for Men.

When you’re looking for quality men’s clothing, including Custom dress shirts Houston, Rudy Festari is the man to see.  Born, raised, and educated in Rome, Italy, Mister Festari became a master tailor and an expert in men’s fashions.  He has since brought his talents and expertise to Houston, where he founded Festari for Men.  Rudy Festari knows styles, he knows fabric, he knows stitchery, and he knows how to make you look your very best.

A dress shirt is far more than an article of clothing to wear under your suit coat. Your shirt should enhance and help define the suit that a man wears, and, in turn, it helps to define the wearer.  Rudy, and his fine tailors at Festari for Men are specialists in men’s clothing.  Their training and impeccable taste can work to accentuate the character and personality of the man inside the suit.

Quality clothing is an investment, and like every investment, you want a return from it.  And, as with other investments, when making an investment in clothing, you want to take the time to do it wisely.  Rudy Festari agrees, so he and his associates at Festari for Men get to know you personally, in order that they may better assist you with selecting your best clothing investments.  Custom dress shirts Houston can help you reap a profit from looking like a winner.

Custom dress shirts Houston – Great Personal Service, Any Time at Any Place

When you walk into Festari for Men you won’t be pointed toward the dress shirt section or simply asked, “What size do you wear?” At Festari for Men.  Rudy Festari and his staff will get to know you, because their clients are treated as treasured patrons.  At Custom dress shirts Houston, when Rudy Festari promises a perfect fit, he isn’t only referring to how the garment will flatter your body.  He also promises that your clothing will fit the personality and character of the individual – you – and he can only make that promise because he has come to know you.  It’s simply part of helping you to make the best clothing decisions.

But, the personal service at Custom dress shirts Houston is not confined to the Festari for Men store.  Rudy Festari will bring his store to you, wherever and whenever you wish.  Whether you’re too busy to visit his store, or you prefer to shop for clothing in the comfort and privacy of your own home or office – no matter what the reason, just call 713-626-1234 to schedule an appointment time and place, and a fine tailor will be there to assist you at YOUR convenience..