Custom Hand Made Dress Shirts

Custom hand made dress shirts are available at Festari for Men in Houston for affordable prices, in spite of the fact that the shirts are made with great care and attention to detail. You will look sharp in your custom hand made dress shirts from Festari, and you will probably feel a great boost of confidence when you wear them. Perfectly fitted shirts are a first step in dressing well, and you don’t want to mess up your great look by making other missteps in fashion.

Fashion Tips, to Enhance Your Custom Shirts

The following are fashion tips and mistakes to avoid, if you want your overall look to complement your custom hand made dress shirts:

  • Don’t be shy about wearing a tie. It is often the first thing others notice; so don’t be boring. Complement your custom hand made dress shirts with ties that make a statement, even if that means you choose a purple tie with tiny dinosaurs or a solid colored tie in a bold shade against your plaid shirt.
  • After about 3 p.m., loosen that stylish tie; and roll up your beautifully stitched sleeves.
  • Your shirt fits perfectly, when you buy custom hand made dress shirts from Festari. Your pants need to fit, too. One test of whether pants fit correctly is that you can slide two fingers inside the waistband of the pants. If the pants are looser than that, they are too big for you.
  • Wear bold socks on days when you really want to make to create an overall eye-catching look.
  • Create an extra look for you custom hand made dress shirts by adding at least one vest to your wardrobe. If the vest fits correctly, you will look good.
  • If you really want to look sharp, keep this in mind: the widest part of your neck tie should match the lapel of your suit jacket.
  • Do not button the bottom button of the vest or suit that you wear over your high-quality bespoke shirts.
  • Another way to dress up your bespoke shirts is to wear bow ties on occasion.
  • If you are going to wear a pocket square, it should never exactly match the shirt or tie, though it should refer to them.
  • You can’t go wrong wearing a dark blazer on date nights.

One Last Tip

Never wear both a belt and suspenders. That’s a huge fashion mistake, especially when you are sporting fashionable custom hand made dress shirts from Festari.