Custom Handmade Men’s Dress Shirts

Custom handmade men’s dress shirts provide you with a great opportunity to explore different types of fabric colors and styles. While grays, black, and blues are unmistakably great choices, they are often worn by men who really don’t know how to bring color into their wardrobe. There are added elements of color to consider: There is a meaning behind each one, and the colors you choose for your custom handmade men’s dress shirts can create certain effects.

Men in Yellow

Research indicates that men tend to think of yellow as a childish color, but no need to reject it. Simply wear your yellow custom handmade men’s dress shirts outside of the office. The color symbolizes lightheartedness and joy, which are perfect for after hours. You may choose a yellow sweater instead of a sunny shirt.

Men in Red

No color is more charged with emotion than red. Meanings associated with red include danger, strength, and lust. If you want to go bold, why not wear red?

Men in Burgundy

If you are looking to get a promotion on your job, experts say the best color to wear might just be burgundy. This is a color that denotes such human qualities as regality, elegance, and sophistication. Young men mistakenly tend to dismiss burgundy as an outdated color. Wear a slim burgundy tie with a navy suit; you may very well find that women as well as the powers that be on your job take notice.

Men in Pink

There is an excellent chance that you have always associated pink with femininity. There is a case to be made for that association, but pink is for men, too. The color pink is associated with love and sincerity; and it can also denote sophistication. Pale pink is an excellent choice for custom handmade men’s dress shirts.

Men in Brown

Brown is a color that denotes stability and masculinity. You may choose brown custom handmade men’s dress shirts but it may be wiser to choose to wear brown in a suede or leather jacket.

Men in Green

As with all aforementioned colors, green comes in various dark and light shades, which can change the meaning of the color. Soft green evokes relaxation while dark green represents envy and money.  You can present yourself at work advantageously wearing deep green. After hours, however, choose soft shades of green.

Men in White

White symbolizes purity and happiness, and it is a color that universally has a positive effect on people. You present a clean look in white. Just be sure you aren’t prone to be messy if you choose white for custom handmade men’s dress shirts.