Custom Mens Fit Shirts

Custom mens fit shirts can provide you with proven benefits. Dressing well gives a man advantages on many levels. What you put on says something about your self-image and level of confidence. A basic rule of thumb for men and women alike is that it’s always better to be overdressed than underdressed. Check out the following benefits of looking great in custom mens fit shirts:

Land a Job

When you are looking for a job, your resume and experience will get you so far. If you are searching for a tipping point, look no further than simply wearing custom mens fit shirts. Poor personal appearance is the top reason over 150 employers recently gave for rejecting a job applicant after the first interview.

Better Starting Salary

Research recently revealed that a well-dressed new employee can expect to have a starting salary 20% higher than someone whose clothing didn’t quite measure up to standards of professionalism and good taste. When you wear custom mens fit shirts, you look better than you would with off-the-rack garments. The fit is the key. You can’t get a better fit than with custom-made clothing.

Get a Salary Boost

Your chances of getting a raise of 5% to 10% are much higher if you look great at work. Nothing says you are dressing for success quite like wearing custom tailored clothing.

Improve your Credibility

Research has clearly revealed that people who look attractive are perceived to be more credible than their less-well-dressed counterparts. If you’ve wanted to boost your credibility factor, buy custom mens fit shirts.

Increase Perceptions of Your Skills

There is no reason to dismiss basic human nature in pursuit of advancement. When you dress in bespoke garments, according to research, you increase how positively your accomplishments are perceived.

Boost Persuasiveness

If you have a cause or an idea you believe will work but the powers that be need some convincing, it may be the perfect time to invest in custom mens fit shirts. Your appearance alone, when you are wearing a high-quality shirt that fits perfectly, will boost your level of persuasiveness.

Enjoy Increased Self-Confidence

When you are self-confident, you exude a certain air that draws others to yourself. Anyone feels more confident when they look great in their clothes. Keep in mind, if you want to feel your best, that nothing you can buy off the rack will likely get close to measuring up to the quality and fit of custom mens fit shirts.