Custom Online Tailored Shirts

Custom online tailored shirts are a great start for what to wear at just about any occasion. You don’t want to be overdressed or underdressed because that can just be awkward. The following are some tips for what is appropriate for a man to wear at various business and social events. The best way to sport your custom online tailored shirts is to dress them for each level of formality.

Dress Codes

One of the most common errors men make is wearing the wrong clothing at an event. It is more potentially embarrassing at some events than others, but you can avoid the situation of being dressed inappropriately by becoming familiar with the general rules of fashion conduct for men. Keep in mind that most invitations include an indication of the dress code; still, many people aren’t exactly sure what some “dress codes” specifically mean.

Black Tie

If you are invited to a black tie event, you will be appropriately dressed by wearing a midnight blue or black dinner jacket with trousers that match. The only appropriate neck wear is a silk bow. The shoes to wear are Oxfords with a high polish. Custom online tailored shirts should be French-cuffed, white, and fastened with studs.

White Tie

A white tie occasion is rarely advertised, but you can be ready if you are invited to one. This is the most formal of all dress codes for men. To dress appropriately at a white tie affair, not only will you wear custom online tailored shirts, but you will also wear piped trousers, a tailcoat, and a white waistcoat. This type of event is usually limited to participation among jet setters.

Black Tie Optional

An affair that is black tie optional is often a ceremony of some type where participants are dressed formally but guests do not need to go to the expense of renting a tuxedo. It is perfectly appropriate to wear a dark, solid suit with a white undershirt and dark tie.

Business Dress or Semi-Formal

A suit should be worn at a business dress or semi-formal event. Dark fabric with patterning is appropriate for the suit, and the custom online tailored shirts for these events should be light in color and unobtrusive. Wear a tie, belt, and polished conservative shoes.

Dress-Casual or Business-Casual

At this type of event, you can skip wearing the suit, but you still want to wear dress trousers, collared custom online tailored shirts, and any type of leather dress shoe.

Whatever event you are preparing to attend, you can be confident wearing custom online tailored shirts.