Custom suits in Houston, we are one the largest retailers in Texas. With many years of experience, our company makes custom suits from a specific pattern developed for each client to make sure that the suit fits perfectly. Most of our packages contain a custom suit, custom shirts, and handmade ties. Our suits are designed for all type of people ranging from career seekers in need of distinguishing themselves from others to CEO’s who are willing to spare no expense in order to be the best-dressed men in the company. Our goal as a tailoring company is to develop a wardrobe that is customized both to you and to your needs.

The most important part of our suits is the process followed in their making by our tailors. The first step is taking detailed measurements of our clients and then developing a specific pattern for each client. The second step is called the first fitting. This is the process of assembling the parts of the suit. Here the suit’s raw materials are joined with pins to ensure that the suit fits the individual perfectly. The last step is the second fitting. Under this step, mistakes identified in the first fitting process are corrected. After this step the suits are now finished. However, if needed minor modifications are carried out when the suits are completed.

Many tailors in Houston are offering made-to-measure suits claiming that they are custom suits. Instead of making unique patterns to individual clients, they have ready patterns and they only make small changes to make the suits fit their clients. Whereas these suits seem to be traditionally made, they quality differ from our suits. A suit made this way can never be of the quality of our suits. When you come to us you are assured of getting traditional and true custom suits which incorporate the modern styles.

Fit and Quality Custom Suits

The fitting process can be long. Very few clients want to go through this process twice. We therefore ensure that we take the right measurements of our clients to ensure that our suits fit you perfectly. Although most parts of our suits are constructed by hand, we also use modern technology in tailoring where necessary in order to ensure high quality suits for our clients. In the tailoring process, we use the best suits and shirts fabric in the world. This is also a major factor that helps us offer our client with the highest quality custom suits in Houston.

We have acquired the services of the best suit tailors in Houston. Some of our tailors have been in the business for many years and therefore are experienced in designing and making the best suits. Additionally, our team of designers understands the trends in the clothing industry and understands what needs to be done to ensure that a particular suit fits you perfectly. We understand that there are various custom suit styles in Houston; in fact we have designs for most of these styles.