Custom Tailored Shirts

Custom tailored shirts should be a basic staple in every man’s wardrobe. The investment made in a shirt that is made to fit your body pays for itself over time. The fit is unlike any that can be achieved with less expensive off-the-rack garments. Pair your custom tailored shirts with a bespoke suit, and you are equipped to be a sharp dresser, which has many benefits you can enjoy.

The Effect of Personal Appearance

Everything about your day can be transformed by what you wear. When you dress well, it has a positive effect on you. If you dress down, that can drag down your mood and sense of motivation to achieve all you can for the day. Once you have worn custom tailored shirts, you understand the instant effect that dressing sharply can have on you.

Strengthen Self-Discipline

Members of the military have made a discovery and it is that sharply dressed soldiers possess more self-discipline than those dressed in an informal fashion. Inspections which include required shiny boots inspire men to pay attention to details, and part of the result is improved self-discipline. You don’t need to dress in full soldier regalia to experience that effect, however. Simply wear custom tailored shirts and you can also experience the motivation of self-discipline.


You garner respect from others when your shirt fits properly, your shoes are shined, and all other elements of your wardrobe are as they should be. It takes moments for a person to measure up another’s potential respectability, and clothing has a lot to do with it. Inspire the respect and appreciation of others by wearing custom tailored shirts. You will also experience heightened self-respect by wearing clothes that fit.


You can also inspire confidence with your wardrobe. One way to demonstrate confidence and gain the confidence of others is by dressing boldly, with patterns and colors that complement your features. You can send a strong message that you are a person of authority by, for example, sporting a dark blue suit with contrasting colors and pin striping.

Benefits of the Color Wheel

Keep in mind as you chose your custom tailored shirts that colors represent certain human responses, and dress according to emotions you wish to inspire. Burgundy, for example, is perceived as a color of success worn by men who deserve to be at the top.

Get started with a wardrobe that works for you today by ordering custom tailored shirts.