CUSTOM TAILORED SUIT HOUSTON is all about you and making you look your best.  In this fast-paced world, filled with motivated competition, dressing successfully and stylishly can give you an edge.  Festari for Men provides that edge.


Born and raised in Rome, Rudy Festari has brought his Italian sense of style, and his many years of fashion experience to CUSTOM TAILORED SUIT HOUSTON.  At Festari for Men, Rudy offers a variety of ready-to-wear clothing and accessories to serve your needs, while his quality custom-made fashions can be available for you within seven to ten days – guaranteed.


Whether you are looking for business suits, casual wear, or accessories, dressing for success can help you convey yourself to others, and at CUSTOM TAILORED SUIT HOUSTON, we will provide the conveyance that is you.  As an individual, you are unique, and that motivated uniqueness is a key to your success because it makes you stand out in the crowd.  At Festari for Men, we can help you blend in, yet stand out of the crowd, by accentuating the uniqueness that is you.


In humans, the term “perfect body” is an abstract.  All of us have our imperfections, whether they are large or small.  One arm may be slightly longer than the other, or one shoulder may be more muscular than the other.  At CUSTOM TAILOR SUITS HOUSTON, we can fix that.  We can make those small imperfections, and many larger ones, disappear, while emphasizing your outstanding, more perfect, characteristics.

CUSTOM TAILOR SUITS HOUSTON – Personal Service, Tailoring, and Style

Rudy Festari and his dedicated staff at Festari for Men will always make you feel welcome at our store, where you can browse our showroom and discuss your particular needs, but our service is not limited to the store.  You’re a busy man, so why not let CUSTOM TAILOR SUITS HOUSTON come to you?  We are always happy to bring samples to your home or office, where we can properly obtain the measurements we will need to provide you with a perfect fit in a style that is perfect for the successful you.


At Festari for Men, our goal is to provide you with the high-quality service and workmanship that you deserve, so serving your needs is not just important to us – it’s personal.   When you succeed, we succeed.  We want to be a part of your team because we believe in success.  You work hard.  Let CUSTOM TAILOR SUITS HOUSTON provide you with the attire that will help you achieve even more lofty goals in both work and play.  Call us today, and let our team become an integral part of your team.