Customize Dress Shirts Houston

“Customize dress shirts Houston” is a common online search for men who have discovered that off-the-rack clothing just doesn’t provide an excellent fit. A man can only look his best in well-fitted garments. When you customize dress shirts in Houston at Festari for Men, you end up with a high quality shirt that is given painstaking attention to detail.

Close-up Look

When you customize dress shirts in Houston, what will you find when you look up close? There are many small differences as well as some more obvious differences between a bespoke shirt and a ready-to-wear garment, and they are what make all the difference in how you look.


The quality of fabric is a difference that you can see and feel when you customize dress shirts in Houston. Festari buys all fabrics for bespoke garments from the world’s leading mills. You can count on shirts with luxurious, durable fabric. All of the fabrics are 2-ply, as opposed to 1-ply. The ply is an indication of the number of yarns twisted together in the making of a single thread. Two-ply fabrics typically have a tighter and finer weave than single-ply. In addition, 2-ply fabrics have a crisper feel about them.

The count of fabric indicates how many threads per inch there are. Higher numbers, such as the 140s, indicates that threads are finer and the fabric is lighter, smoother, and softer. Lower counts are used for weightier fabrics, but low-quality garments have a count as low as the 80s.

Cotton is the best choice of fabric, when you customize dress shirts in Houston. For the highest quality cotton, choose Egyptian cotton. This is a particular variety of cotton, and it is grown in only a few parts of the world. Widely known as the world’s best, Egyptian cotton has longer fibers, which produces a fabric that is both more durable and feels silkier.


There is no way to escape the importance of a great fit, if you want to wear clothes that complement you best. When you customize dress shirts in Houston from Festari, the shirts are made based on numerous measurements, a far cry from the two measurements needed for off-the-rack shirts. When a shirt fits correctly, it has the following features and more:

  • The shirt is close-fitting to the body, without pinching or bunching up anywhere.
  • Sleeves are the correct length.
  • Cuffs fall where they should, which is a short distance past the wrist, at the knobs of the hands.
  • When the collar is buttoned, there is room for only one finger between the collar and the neck.

Don’t wait any longer to look your best. Customize dress shirts Houston at Festari for Men today.