Houston Big and Tall Custom Dress Shirts

Houston big and tall custom dress shirts are available from Master Tailor Rudy Festari, the Owner of Festari for Men, who hails from Italy. If you are a man whose size is a fit with few if any ready-to-wear fashions, you are in a unique position to deeply appreciate the big and tall custom dress shirts in Houston at Festari for Men that are tailored by a master craftsman to fit your one-of-a-kind frame.

What is a Dress Shirt?

Every man needs custom dress shirts in his wardrobe. A button-up collar, long sleeves, and wrist cuffs are the standard features of a dress shirt. The most common type of fabric chosen is cotton, and the fabric used for dress shirts is dyed and woven into many different colors and patterns. The versatility of a dress shirt can be appreciated by any man. You can wear it to a sporting event and then add a jacket to attend a formal affair.

Tips on Proper Fit

Rudy Festari knows that it’s the fit of his big and tall custom dress shirts in Houston that keep customers coming back. The fit is all-important, which is why ready-made garments are rarely ideal for men of any size. The attention to every detail, including fit, at Festari for Men is second to none. The following are some indicators of whether a shirt is the proper fit:

  • When buttoned, the collar should have room for two fingers.
  • The cuffs on your big and tall custom dress shirts in Houston must be snug enough that it is necessary to unbutton them to remove the shirt.
  • The sleeves must be long enough that if you raise up your arms, the cuffs will not be pulled to the forearm. The sleeves should also be short enough that there is no more than an inch of fabric that bunches near the cuff when your arms are hanging down.
  • The shoulder points extend no further than the end of the shoulder.
  • There is room in the waist and chest to pinch one to three inches of fabric, depending on the style or your preference.

Make Your Measurements

Because fit is what will make you a standout in Houston big and tall custom dress shirts from Festari, accurate and detailed measurements are essential. You may visit Festari for Men or order your custom shirt online.

Why wait any longer to put your best look forward? You may be pleasantly surprised at the difference wearing big and tall custom dress shirts in Houston can make in your life.