Houston Custom Dress Shirts 

Houston custom dress shirts can be the centerpiece of your wardrobe and make a strong statement about your affluence and good taste, especially when the shirts are tailor-made by Rudy Festari, owner of Festari for Men. Whether you visit the Houston Galleria area store, request a fitting at work or at home, or order online and provide needed measurements, you can be sure that your custom dress shirts from Houston are of the finest quality with an incredible fit.

One of the details of a dress shirt’s design involves the sleeves. The fit of the sleeves together with an appealing style are essential elements of what makes men’s custom dress shirts in Houston genuine standouts. The forearms of dress shirts are most commonly either done in a traditional or a slim style.

Pleating is part of what sets dress shirt forearms apart. Traditional custom dress shirts from Houston have two pleats, whereas the slim design has only one.

Traditional Pleating

When there are two pleats at the cuff of your men’s dress shirt, there is more circumference at the sleeve’s forearm. Traditional pleats are usually necessary for men who have larger forearms. Without the second pleat, the sleeves would be too snug at the forearm and elbow.

Slim Pleating

Slim pleating on Houston custom dress shirts is less blousy than traditional pleats and is often the ideal choice for men with less bulky forearms.

Sleeve Width

The overall fit of sleeves, from shoulder to cuff, should have a clean, slim look without being uncomfortably tight at the elbows or armpits. In general, young men choose sleeves that fit as tightly as possible without causing restraint and older men prefer wider sleeves and a shirt cut that is also more generous with the fabric.

When you get a Houston men’s custom dress shirt from Festari, there are several fittings during which every detail of the shirt is given expert attention. From the size of the armhole to the circumference at the center of the arm, the ultimate fit of your tailor-made shirt sleeves will be perfect.

A lot of consideration can be given to such matters as decreasing sleeve width, which will make sleeves fit more tightly around the elbows, as well. Our experience and understanding of men’s fashion goes into each made-from-scratch garment and provides a guarantee that the final outcome will satisfy as regards look and fit.

Give yourself the benefit of a wardrobe complete with the ideal tailoring and style of Festari for Men .Houston custom dress shirts