Houston Local Custom Dress Shirts

Houston local custom dress shirts from Festari for Men are widely recognized as being distinguishing in style and flawless in fit. Festari for Men is a family-owned concept aimed at providing fine men’s custom tailored clothing. Rudy Festari is a native of Italy, and he is world-renowned for his distinctive sense of style. Do not delay, if you live in or near Houston, measuring for your local custom dress shirts from Festari.

You can be sure that your local custom dress shirts in Houston are made with the finest fabrics the world has to offer. One of the assets provided by working with an experienced, expert tailor such as Festari is that the men’s tailor has a thorough understanding of the complexities of the many different fabrics that are available. In addition to the particular mill where it is produced, factors which determine the quality and style of a fabric include thread count, weave, and ply. Only fabrics of the highest quality are used for Houston local custom dress shirts from Festari. The following is information about a few of the many fabrics typically used for dress shirts.


Broadcloth and Poplin are, in essence, the same type of fabric; and both are top choices for local custom dress shirts in Houston. There is no pattern in broadcloth. It is a smooth, flat-looking fabric that has a crisp feel after ironing and is appreciated for the fact that it is lightweight. The thread counts for broadcloth fabric range from 50 singles to more than 140 doubles. The versatility of broadcloth is another reason it is a popular fabric choice for tailor-made shirts. It is even ideal for year-round wear.

Pinpoint Oxford

Pinpoint Oxford is also referred to as “pinpoint” and has a symmetrical basket weave in which a single yarn crosses two yarns, though there are other variations. Pinpoint is a bit thicker and heavier than broadcloth, but it has a tighter weave and finer yarn than oxford cloth. Pinpoints have a heavier construction that makes them fairly durable. For formal local custom dress shirts in Houston, broadcloth and twill are considered the most desirable fabrics.


Twill is arguably the ideal fabric for dress shirts. The twill weave has a diagonal ribbing referred to as “wale.” Twill is a soft fabric that is less prone to wrinkle and is easy to iron. If you like a heavier, softer fabric for your local custom dress shirts in Houston and don’t mind that the fabric lacks the crispness after ironing that is characteristic of broadcloth and pinpoint Oxford, twill may be the right choice for you. Twill dress shirts are ideal for casual and formal occasions.

With custom tailoring at Festari for Men, you will be able to get expert answers to any questions you may have and benefit from expert recommendations about fabric choice and every other detail of your . Houston local custom dress shirts