Houston Made to Order Dress Shirts 

Houston made-to-order dress shirts are superior to ready-to-wear clothing for numerous reasons. Once you’ve worn a custom tailored shirt from Festari for Men in the Galleria area in Houston, you’ll likely never want to wear off-the-rack dress shirts again. The adage that you get what you pay for applies to wearing generic shirts or wearing made-to-order dress shirts from Houston’s Festari for Men.

There are volumes that you could write about the difference a custom tailored shirt makes. Here are a few of the key benefits of wearing made-to-order dress shirts from Houston:

Fit. The most remarkable difference you will enjoy when you wear a custom dress shirt from one of Houston’s foremost tailors, Rudy Festari of Italy, is the fit. When our completely made-from-scratch dress shirts are made, the first step is to take more than a dozen essential measurements. There will also be at least two fittings to follow. Each measurement provides the information needed to create a remarkable fit for Houston made to order dress shirts. Consider the fact that ready-to-wear dress shirts are sized based on only two measurements: sleeve length and collar size. What a difference those ten or more additional measurements make.

Fabric. The quality of fabric is chiefly determined by the mill it originates from, and Festari only buys from the world’s finest mills. The investment you make in made-to-order dress shirts from Houston will be an enduring one because high quality fabrics can be significantly more durable than fabrics used for ready-to-wear shirts. You can choose from a seemingly limitless variety of fabric colors, weaves, thread counts, and designs. The depth of variety available to you for custom shirts far exceeds off-the-rack selections.

Style. Festari is world-renowned for creating distinctive men’s fashions with modern style. There are many details which can create a style all your own, such as pocket style, collar style, fabric choice, type of sleeve, and tail length.

Quality. The quality of Houston made to order dress shirts is second to none. The pockets, cuffs, and collars are cut by hand and individually matched by hand to the pattern of the shirt. There is a remarkable attention to detail in every custom shirt that just can’t be reasonably compared to assembly line shirt production

You can conveniently order from our Galleria area store or online. The personalized style, fit, and comfort of Houston made to order dress shirts provide Festari’s customers with all the incentive they need to come back time and again.

Call 713-626-1234 for your Houston Made to order dress shirts. And speak with Rudy the Man who makes every man looks good .