Houston Made to Wear Dress Shirts

Houston made to wear dress shirts from Festari for Men are also referred to as bespoke and made-to-measure dress shirts. It is important for a man to understand the difference these terms make in how well-dressed he can be, as compared with off-the-rack clothing. Rudy Festari, the owner of Festari for Men, is from Italy and brings a world renowned sense of style to all of his made to wear dress shirts in Houston.

Off-the-Rack Men’s Dress Shirts 

Although there was a time in the U.S. when all clothing was homemade, for over a century it has been more common for the masses to buy ready-made or off-the-rack garments. This is true in spite of the fact that men’s dress shirts are differentiated by only two measurements: the collar size and sleeve length. It is impossible to achieve optimal style and a look of professionalism and affluence when wearing a dress shirt of a generic size. Men who buy Houston made to wear dress shirts from Festari quickly discover that the added cost of a made-to-measure dress shirt is an investment worth making.

 Houston made to wear dress shirts . Why buy these ?

“Made-to-measure” dress shirts typically refers to those which are created for an individual using a standard-sized base pattern. These types of tailored shirts are superior to off-the-rack shirts but do not have the level of customized fit or workmanship available with a bespoke men’s dress shirt. Made-to-measure can also simply refer to fine tailored clothing, such as the made to wear dress shirts in Houston available at Festari. There is nothing standardized about a custom garment from Festari, though our customers have found that they are among the more reasonably priced made to measure or bespoke suits available in Houston, with unsurpassed quality, style, and fit.

Bespoke Men’s Dress Shirts

There is no confusion about the meaning of bespoke Houston made to wear dress shirts from Festari. The shirts are made completely from scratch, based on eight or more measurements and the specifications of the customer. At least three fittings are typically needed to achieve to ideal fit of a custom tailored dress shirt.

There are more benefits to a bespoke men’s dress shirt from Festari than an unsurpassed fit. Only the world’s finest fabrics are used for every garment. The style and type of fabric as well as the colors, with or without patterns, also set Festari Houston made to wear dress shirts above the competition.