Houston Online Custom Dress Shirts 

Houston online custom dress shirts can be conveniently ordered on the Internet and yet provide you with the benefit of a luxurious tailor-made shirt fit to your exact proportions. Your appearance and clothing matter very much, and you can never go wrong with online custom dress shirts from Houston’s Festari for Men. There are plenty of fashion mistakes that are commonly made with regard to how men wear shirts, and some of them follow.

Style Mistake #1

Wearing a “popped” shirt collar is a fashion faux pas. The entire collar should be evenly folded, and points of the shirt collar should only point downward. Those who wear popped collars may be straining for a sense of style. There is no strain necessary when it comes to having a fashionable look when you order online custom dress shirts from Houston’s bespoke store owned by Rudy Festari. Festari is known for his distinctive fashion sense and for helping customers identify the styles which best fit their needs and their one-of-a-kind personalities.

Style Mistake #2

When you wear a jacket over your online custom dress shirt from Houston, do not allow the points of the collar to protrude beyond the edge of the lapel. There is a fit problem, if the small points of the collar extend over the edge of the jacket. You may need a wider “V” on the jacket front, or perhaps you need a smaller shirt collar. These details are nonissues when you buy from expert tailor and fashion guru Rudy Festari, who guarantees impeccable style and fit.

Style Mistake #3

If you fail to button your dress shirt at all points, you are making a fashion error. Leave no buttons undone. The cuff, button-down collar, and the placket or gauntlet buttons, which are the small buttons halfway up the forearm, should all be buttoned. An exception is that if you roll up your Houston online custom dress shirts’ sleeves, unbutton both the placket button and the cuff button.

Style Mistake #4

Do not wear a tie with a short-sleeved shirt, if you want to wear a confident, professional look. A tie with short sleeves is appropriate, perhaps, for the manager of a fast-food restaurant, where food can soil long sleeves. Other than that exception, wear ties only with long-sleeved shirts.

Style Mistake #5

If the tee-shirt under your dress shirt is a crew neck, you are making a men’s fashion mistake. Wear v-neck undershirts with dress shirts. Effects of wearing a v-neck include that you show some skin underneath the shirt and have a comfortably laid-back appearance that is entirely appropriate.

Eliminate all worries about fashion missteps by getting your Houston online custom dress shirts from Festari for Men, in the Galleria area.