Houston’s best custom dress Shirts

Houston’s best custom dress shirts can be found every day at Festari for Men, located at 1800 Post Oak Boulevard, where you can find a complete line of quality men’s clothing.

Rudy Festari was born in Rome, Italy, a city long-known for high fashion and quality tailoring.  It was there that Rudy grew up and mastered the art of men’s fashion and the craftsmanship of fine tailoring.  Rudy Festari later brought his expertise and experience to Houston, where he founded Festari for Men, the home of Houston’s best custom dress shirts.

The folks at Festari for Men design, create, and sell the highest quality men’s attire, but that isn’t all they do for you.  Rudy Festari and his associates believe that, inside every man, there is a remarkable individual, filled with talents, and it is their privilege to help you project your individuality to the world.  At the home of Houston’s best custom dress shirts, Rudy and his crew, work hard to help you succeed by making your clothing project the best qualities of the individual that is you.

Houston’s best custom dress shirts – It’s a Friend Thing.

Rudy Festari established Festari for Men with the idea of providing high quality men’s attire with the finest service possible.  He only uses the best materials available, and the workmanship is always second to none, but the service is the most amazing, because it’s a friend “thing,” and that’s what makes Festari for Men the home of Houston’s best custom dress shirts.

Rudy Festari considers each of his clients to be his friend, and friends strive to help their friends in whatever their endeavor.  At Festari for Men, the service is always warm and friendly, but it’s more than that.  It’s personal because Rudy Festari believes in personal service, and he proves it every day.  A visit to Festari for Men is an unbelievable experience.  From the moment you walk through the doors, you will realize that you aren’t  just in the home of Houston’s best custom dress shirts – you’re among friends.

The personal service at Festari for Men doesn’t end at the door.  Rudy Festari knows men, and he realizes that the time of his friends is valuable, so he has incorporated those concepts into his plan of service.  Quite often, a man prefers to make decisions within the comfort of his own surroundings.  Also, quite often, a man’s busy schedule doesn’t permit him to visit Rudy’s store in order to shop for clothing.  Whatever the reason, Rudy is happy to send Festari for Men to you, allowing you to examine materials, styles, and craftsmanship in the privacy of your own home or office, at a time of your choosing.  Just give them a call at 713-626-1234 to schedule an appointment for Houston’s best custom dress shirts to be at your door.  And, Rudy Festari always guarantees that your new clothing will be ready to wear within seven to ten days.