Houston Tailored Dress Shirts   

Houston tailored dress shirts are a sure cure for men who no longer want to wear ill-fitting clothing. A study of men and their wardrobes revealed that 25% of men acknowledge that they wear clothes with an improper fit. In addition, one in five men said they have given up on shopping for clothing due to a lack of understanding about the changes in their physique. When you buy tailored dress shirts in Houston from Festari for Men, a dismal wardrobe will get an effortless and fashionable boost.

What complicates the issue of a poor clothing selection is that many men consider shopping for clothing an activity to be avoided. Many other men, however, have discovered that a better experience is available by buying tailored dress shirts in Houston from Festari for Men. Whether sending measurements in an online order or visiting the store in the Galleria area for initial measurements, Festari makes purchasing custom tailored clothing a desirable experience.

Perfect Fit

The way we dress has impact not only on how others perceive us but also how we feel about ourselves. Once you have looked in the mirror and seen how much better you look in tailored dress shirts from Houston that are contoured to fit your precise measurements, you will know that your wardrobe has been rescued.

Expert tailor Rudy Festari, owner of Festari for Men, understands how to marry style with fit in a way that allows each customer to look his best. The following are just a few of the guidelines for perfectly fitting Houston tailored dress shirts:

  • The fit of the collar is one of the essential details of a dress shirt that fits well. The collar should not be too tight, or your air supply could literally be cut off. The collar should also not be too loose, or it will hang on your neck, looking much like a little boy wearing his father’s clothing. The test for a perfect fit is that one finger (not two) comfortably fits between the neck and collar.
  • The blousy look is not fashion forward. Tailored dress shirts from Houston do not have the ballooning effect. People sometimes mistakenly believe that extra folds help to hide the body but what they really do is give the body a larger appearance. The correct fit of a dress shirt is that it closely fits the torso.
  • Shoulder seams are snug at the shoulders.
  • Unbuttoned sleeves reach slightly past the wrist.

Impeccable Fashion

The issue of choosing colors and solids or prints is another struggle for many men. Festari will help punch up your wardrobe by helping you choose some bold looks, in addition to the standard white button-down dress shirt. Plaid and gingham tailored dress shirts from Houston are great looks. Festari always uses only the best fabrics and helps customers choose striking color pallets that can enliven anyone’s mundane clothing selection.

Every detail of your custom made dress shirt from Festari will give you a sense of fashion freedom. The cuffs, for example, will be the perfect fit that allows you to enjoy wearing the buttoned-up look and also have a stylish look if you choose the relaxed feel of an unbuttoned cuff.

You will enjoy the pleasure of both fit and fashion with Houston tailored dress shirts from Festari for Men.