Houston Tailored Men’s Dress Shirts

Houston tailored men’s dress shirts can hardly be compared to off-the-rack clothing, and one reason is because of steps that are done completely by hand, such as creating a made-from-scratch pattern and doing hand stitching. The type of machine stitching used also has a great impact on the final product. Clothing made for the masses in assembly lines have only machine stitches, which is similar to gluing the fabric. There are features of all fine garments which require handwork for best results. As far as the machine work, only single-needle, not twin-needle, construction is used on the finest shirts. These and other details come together to make tailored men’s dress shirts from Houston worth the higher cost.

Machine Stitching

High quality shirts invariably have single-needle machine stitching. The single needle creates a cleaner and dressier look and flat, smooth seams, which is why single-needle stitching is particularly ideal for tailored men’s dress shirts from Houston. Twin-needle stitching is far more commonly used, and the primary reason is that it is easier to produce. Some of the down sides of twin stitching follow:

  • The area between the parallel stitches tends to wrinkle after just a few washes, and the wrinkling is due to the different materials of fabric and thread.
  • There is usually bubbling and puckering on seams made with twin stitches.
  • Compared to stitches made with a single-needle, seams made with twin needles won’t lie as flatly or neatly.

Another aspect of machine stitching that makes a significant difference in how tailored men’s dress shirts from Houston look is stitch count. More or smaller stitches produce stronger, more flexible seams and a garment that is noticeably more attractive.

Hand Stitching

The handwork on shirts provides additional elasticity and the opportunity for the garment to breathe, whereas sewn seams allow for no movement. The expert tailors who create bespoke tailored men’s dress shirts in Houston hand stitch the button holes, which provides added stability and durability, guarding against fraying. A flawless look on lapels is also created using hand stitching. In general, any handwork done on a tailored shirt provides benefits over ready-to-wear garments.

Made-from Scratch Pattern

No existing patterns are used in the creation of bespoke tailored mens dress shirts from Houston. Many measurements are made to ensure that the fit of the shirt is perfect. The fit is not achieved by altering an existing pattern but by creating one based on those measurements. These made-from-scratch garments are superior to off-the-rack garments in virtually every way.

Once you have measured for and worn Houston tailored men’s dress shirts, you will be able to fully appreciate all of the fine hand work and other details which distinguish them from ready to wear shirts.