Houston Tailored Mens Dress Shirts 

Houston tailored mens dress shirts are excellent wardrobe choices, and wearing them is always in fashion. Wearing clothing that doesn’t fit is the number one wardrobe mistake, and that problem is solved when you purchase bespoke or made-from-scratch garments from Festari for Men. Whether you choose to visit the Galleria area store or order online, you will be very happy once Houston tailored mens dress shirts are part of your wardrobe. There are other details to be aware of, however, to put your shirt on display in an appealing, savvy, and stylish way. The following are some of the most common mistakes men make when they get dressed:

Wrong Pants Length

The correct length for pants is at the bottom part of your shoes and just a little above the floor. If they touch the floor, your pants will begin fraying. Mistakes men often make are to fold up their jeans or dress pants or allow a pool of fabric to fall around the feet. In both of these situations, hemming is needed, which is a simple and usually inexpensive alteration. It would be a shame to sport high quality tailored mens dress shirts from Houston and then take away from the look with ill-fitting pants.

Wrong Belt Color

Your belt and shoes are important elements of your overall look. Whenever you wear dress shoes, it’s important to also wear a matching belt. The belt should also have the same finish as the shoes. For example, if your shoes are shiny, your belt should also be shiny. When you wear casual shoes on your feet, your belt should be a bit wider because the thin belts are for dressing more formally or professionally. The correct belt with coordinating shoes will enhance the appearance of your tailored mens dress shirts from Houston.

Dirty Shoes

A man who understands the importance of dressing properly takes good care of his shoes. They should be clean and free of dirt and scratches. Tailored mens dress shirts from Houston provide an ideal opportunity to look your very best, but the overall effect can be marred by a dirty pair of shoes.

Wrong Style of Shoes

It is safe to say that square-toe dress shoes are a style of the past. While vintage looks can be all the rage, square-toe dress shoes have not made a comeback and are not likely to anytime soon. Wear slimmer, more modern shoes to enhance your tailor-made mens wear.

Pay attention to all of the other details of your look, and you can dress with confidence when you wear Houston tailored mens dress shirts.