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For a high-end selection of Houston TX Men’s Clothing, visit Festari For Men in the Galleria area! We are a premier location for luxurious casualwear, formalwear, and custom-tailoring. Our standards for luxury extend beyond the brand and focuses on the real details that impact the value of the garments. This entails the quality of the fabrics, the attention to design as well as the precision of fit.

Of course, we exhibit the finest material from renowned mills around the world as well. Festari For Men ensures truly personal service from beginning to end. Whether you are looking for a new custom suit, a tuxedo, or something off-the-rack, you will find our clothing to be both exquisite and comfortable, complimenting your frame sharply.


Custom Tailoring: Suits, Dress Shirts, Trousers & Belts 


Our clothiers are capable of constructing unique garments for clients completely bespoke. We import over thousands of fabrics to select from and offer a wide range of fits and styles for your suit or individual piece. This process will consist of an original appointment, and then a series of fittings to ensure the measurements are perfect.

At the initial meeting, you will have the chance to meet with Mr. Festari and design your pieces from start to finish. While clients are virtually unlimited in their options for custom pieces, we’ll break down what that means for each type of garment we offer.

Select here to visit our Made-To-Measure page and learn more about our bespoke services! 


Finding Professional styling tailored Suits



When it comes to your bespoke suit, you have full control over each individual aspect. From the spread and style of the lapels to the inner lining, clients can make their selection exactly how they see fit. Currently, some of the most popular options are peak lapels, notch lapels and for more formal occasions, the satin shawl is an excellent choice.

Furthermore, your options will extend to the type of buttons and how many you would like on your suit. We offer custom options for 1-button, 2-button, and 3-button suits and can add a vest if you would like to make it a 3-piece. Finally, even the stitching, monogramming and custom pockets are available in our bespoke services. Once you find the type of fabric that you like, choose all of your custom options you may desire.


The following fabrics are available for selection: 

  • Wool (Super 110s to Super 200s)
  • Linen
  • Silk
  • Cashmere
  • Silk & Wool Blends
  • Silk & Cashmere Blends
  • Leather (Jackets Only)

For any specific requests on fabrics, buttons, or styles please give us a call and inquire on its availability. One of our representatives will be able to confirm if we can suit you. 


Dress Shirts 

Another very popular option for custom tailoring is the dress shirt. There are many unique options to go with and it can be immensely personalized. Whether you are looking to have your initials monogrammed on the cuff or desire a specific button layout, we can make these changes!

After choosing a particular fabric from our collections, clients have the option to select their preferred cuff and collar for their dress shirt. We have the available custom options for dress shirts listed below. Once again, if there is a particular style or type of material that you have interest in, please give us a call to find out if we can assist you.


Fabrics Available For Dress Shirts: 

(1-ply or 2-ply)

  • Cotton
  • Linen/Linen-Blend
  • Cashmere


Select The Ideal Type of Collar: 

Our styles of collars range from the latest styles and most popular trends to collars that were popular in other eras and finally the classic collars that are considered timeless fashion. You may also select a two-tone collar and dress shirts such as the white-collar on colored fabric or any particular mix of colors that you may prefer.  

  • Cut-Away-Collar (Traditional, Moderate, Extreme Spread) 
  • Pointed-Pin
  • Rounded
  • Straight
  • Hidden or Open Buttons
  • Wing


Choosing Your Cuffs:

  • French Cuff
  • Double Button
  • Single Button
  • Rounded/Mitered/Straight Collar
  • Interchangeable French Cuff


Custom Trousers, Belts & More 

We offer an exceptional variety of material and design choices for your trousers. Additionally, we also have custom belt options available that can come in specific colors, unique belt buckles and different types of leathers. Whether you are looking for Aligator or ostrich, we will be able to accommodate your needs.



Festari For Men is also proud to showcase our extensive collection of ready-to-wear clothing. Currently, we are offering sports jackets, sweaters, dress shirts, trousers, and suits in large quantity. Furthermore, we offer several shoe lines for customers. This will range from Bruno Magli, Wolf & Shepherd, to Zelli and Allen Edmonds. We also have great quality belts available with a majority being resizable in-store if need be.

With over hundreds of suits ready-to-wear, we offer all of the best accessories to match:

  • Ties
  • Bow-Ties
  • Pocket Squares
  • Cuff Links
  • Dress Socks


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For clients that may simply be too busy to visit our storefront, our clothiers can visit you at your office or home to begin custom tailoring and fulfill any fittings that may be required. We understand that between work and family there is very little time for leisure.

This is why we want to meet our clients in the middle, it is an easier way to enjoy the luxuries that men work so hard to afford. For your next appointment, you can call our store and schedule your next meeting on-the-go if this works best. Simply provide the information for the address and we will be happy to assist you!


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Finding great quality Houston TX men’s clothing is easy at Festari For Men. For 28 years founder and owner, Rodolfo Festari has defined what it means to have the affordable luxury. We offer options for those that need a fast, high-quality solution as well as those that prefer to take their time and construct the perfect piece.

For the best service and a truly excellent fit, Festari For Men is your best option in Houston. Call us today at 713-626-1234 or visit our website to set an appointment. We hope to work with you soon!