Made to Measure Dress Shirts Houston 

Made to measure dress shirts Houston can have any number of types of collars. Whichever collar type is chosen, you can depend on a perfect fit, since you have the benefit of working with an expert tailor who is producing a shirt for your particular size and shape. The tailor can also provide guidance on which styles are best, as regards every detail of the garment.

Ready-to-wear dress shirts seldom have the extra structure provided by a quality interlining. This feature is standard in made to measure dress shirts  Houston. The interlining is an additional strip of material sewn into the collar that retains structure after many repeating wash and ironing cycles.

Collar stays are another helpful detail included with made to measure dress shirts Houston. Collar stays help prevent rolling up or curling of the collar. The collar stays are small pieces of plastic or metal that are inserted in the collar; and they help to produce a sharp, professional style.

Read the following for information about collar choices for made to measure dress shirts Houston.

Point Collars

In the U.S., approximately 95% of dress shirts purchased off the rack have point collars. The points of the collar are rather close together, and the collar angle is 60 degrees or less. One benefit of point collars is that they elongate the face, as the closely set collar points typically draw the eyes down. For long enough points and small enough angles to fully benefit from this effect, it’s typically necessary to purchase made to measure dress shirts Houston.

Spread Collars

The points of spread collars are cut away from center and reveal the upper shirt area to a larger degree. The angles on spread collars are usually greater than 90 degrees. This style of collar is often ideal for men with faces that have a medium to long shape. Spread collars are a common choice for made to measure dress shirts from Houston.

Button-Down Collars

You can also choose a button-down collar for your tailor-made shirt. The height and angle of the collar is a matter of style and preference. One fact that is constant, however, is that button-down collars are not typically chosen for more formal occasions, though they look excellent when worn with a tie.

Semi-Spread Collars

Each style of collar has slight variations, and the semi-spread collar is one that can be perfect for dressy occasions. This cut has a wider collar blade, which is especially ideal for wearing with a jacket and tie.

What type of collar will you choose for your made to measure dress shirts Houston?