Made to Measure Dress Shirt Houston

Made to measure dress shirt Houston provides a much better fit than an off-the-rack garment. Festari for Men uses only the world’s finest fabrics for custom dress shirts. Every detail of your made to measure dress shirt Houston adds to its look of style, quality, and fit. The following is some information about fabric and the differences between the best fabrics and those that represent various kinds of cost-cutting or low-quality features.


Fabrics used for dress shirts are one-ply or two-ply, which is an indication of the number of yarns that are twisted together to form a single thread. In general, two-ply fabrics are finer and have a tighter weave than single-ply. A quality made to measure dress shirt Houston is all made with two-ply fabrics. Compared to single ply, two-ply fabrics tend to have a crisper, smoother feel.

Thread Count

Another important aspect of a fabric is the thread count. Thread count is an indication of the size of the thread used in the fabric, hence how many threads in one square inch of fabric. Common thread counts for made to measure dress shirt Houston are 100s, 120s, and 140s. Higher numbers indicate finer threads and lighter, smoother, softer fabric. Festari uses shirts with varying thread counts, depending upon what the customer wants in a shirt, the style of the shirt, and more. For instance, for weighty fabrics, lower thread counts are used.


Many people aren’t aware of the detail of fabric finish, but Rudy Festari, owner of Festari for Men, is intimately familiar with this and all qualities of fabrics. He buys the best fabrics in the world from five different mills that are recognized for their high quality fabrics. The finish refers to the production process used in order to mill the fabric. This is actually extremely important because a fabric may be 2-ply with a high thread count, but if it is produced with low quality materials by a disreputable manufacturer, the fabric may be of a lesser quality than a single-play fabric with a very low thread count produced by a highly trusted mill.


The type of cotton used to make thread makes a huge impact on the quality of the fabric. Egyptian cotton is a rare variety of cotton grown in few places, and it has become world-renowned for producing luxurious fibers. Egyptian cotton has longer fibers than other types of cotton, and the result is a more durable and silkier fabric. Most tailors, such as Festari, make each cotton made to measure dress shirt Houston with 100% pure Egyptian cotton.

Remember that when you buy a made to measure dress shirt Houston from Festari for Men, you are buying clothes with only the finest fabrics to be found anywhere.