Made to Order Dress Shirts

Made to order dress shirts are, just as the name suggests, made according to the wearer’s directions. You will choose the fabric, color, type of fit, whether or not there is a pocket, and the type of collar on your made-to-order dress shirts. The professional tailor will give you fashion advice, if it is desired. The following information about collars will equip you to understand what you want in dress shirts for particular occasions.

Wing Collars

If you are planning to wear your made to order dress shirts with a tuxedo or for other types of formal wear, wing collars are an appropriate choice. The name of the collar is based on its appearance. The tips look like a pair of wings when folded down. Buy collarless dress shirts, for the most traditional wing collar look. You will have a collar band with your collarless shirt that is a half-inch smaller than the usual collar size. The wing collar will be the usual size and attach to the shirt.

Point Collars

Dress shirts commonly have point collars. When your made to order dress shirts have point collars, there are no collar buttons. Collar stays are used to keep the collar straight. With point collars, there is a relatively small opening, which makes the best tie knot to use the four-in-hand. Approximately 96% of ready-to-wear dress shirts have point collars. In spite of that, point collars are perfectly appropriate choices for your made to order dress shirts.

Button-down Collars

Casual dress shirts or sport shirts are the right fit for button-down collars because these collars are less formal than other collar styles. Shirts with button-down collars can be worn with a tie. However, a fashion mistake to avoid is wearing a button-down collar with a suit. Wearing these types of collars is fine with a sports jacket, however. Men who prefer to create a sleek and fashionable look usually don’t wear ties with button-down collars because of the untidy look of the collar that is common. There is a common color scheme for business casual shirts with button-down collars, and that is to choose either basic blues or pinks.

Spread Collars

Made to order dress shirts with spread collars have very wide openings between the points. Collar stays are usually used, to maintain the collar’s shape. Windsor tie knots and Half-Windsor tie knots are typically used with spread collars to fill the gap.

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