Men’s Custom Made Shirts Houston

Men’s custom made shirts Houston are built from scratch, based on at least eight measurements. You will get noticed when you wear a shirt with the proper fit, partly because most men buy off the rack and partly because you will look outstanding. Ready-made men’s shirts are sized based only on collar and sleeve measurements, and it is rare for a generic shirt to truly fit a man’s proportions. If you want to make an impact with your professional or personal wardrobe, there is no better place to start than with men’s custom made shirts from Houston’s Festari for Men.

Measuring for a Custom Dress Shirt

The first step in the process of producing a bespoke shirt is taking numerous precise measurements. Unlike ready-to-wear men’s shirts measured by only two criteria, the following measurements are taken for men’s custom made shirts Houston:

  • Around the neck
  • Each arm
  • The shoulder width
  • Around the chest
  • The waist
  • Base of neck to bottom of buttocks, to determine proper shirt length
  • Around the biceps
  • Wrists

Indicators of a Perfect Fit

The following are some indicators that men’s custom made shirts Houston fit correctly:

  • Regardless of your physique, a shirt that fits properly is worn close to the body. If a shirt balloons around the waist or hangs loosely, it is too large. If there is a gap between buttons, it is too snug.
  • If the fit of your dress shirt is correct, there will be no pinching or bunching up when you move.
  • The collar should fit neatly at the throat, with no gap, which would make it too tight when buttoned. There should also be no overlap.
  • The collar of men’s custom made shirts from Houston will extend one-half inch above the suit or jacket collar.
  • The shoulders of a shirt should be positioned at the shoulders, not above or below.
  • The cuffs of the dress shirt’s sleeve will reach slightly over the joining of the wrist and hand. The correct length is easy to identify because the cuff reaches the large bone knobs on either side of the hand and no further, whether the cuff is buttoned or unbuttoned.
  • Most people have one arm that is longer than the other, which is another reason men’s custom made shirts Houston provide a superior fit over off-the-rack clothing. Sleeves of two different lengths are not available without custom tailoring.
  • A shirt needs enough length to stay tucked into the pants. The shirt should fall between four and six inches past the waistband of the pants.

You will love the perfect fit of men’s custom made shirts Houston’s Festari for Men.