Men’s Custom Made Shirts

Men’s custom made shirts come in any color under the sun and with an enormous range of patterns and solids. The impressive fit of your tailor-made garments are enhanced when you choose complementary color combinations and fabrics. The tailor who creates your men’s custom made shirts will provide you with all of the tips you need. However, you will be given a choice of many features on the shirts. Among those choices is whether you will order solid-colored shirts, striped shirts, or checked shirts. The more you understand about men’s fashion, the easier it is to make the various choices for your men’s custom made shirts.

Solid Colors

Every man’s wardrobe needs quality white shirts. These shirts are absolute workhorses and yet give you a classy, professional, crisp appearance. You can add character to any of your solid-colored shirts by choosing fabric that has interesting patterns or textures. Of course, you can choose any solid color for your men’s custom made shirts. Other basic colors men should have in their wardrobe are sky blue and pink.

You can’t go wrong with sky blue shirts, and there are many color combinations for ties that can give extra oomph to your ensemble. Red and yellow are contrasting colors and look great against blue men’s custom made shirts. Navy polka dot ties and orange ties also look great with blue shirts.

Solid pale pink has become a standard color for men’s shirts. Tie colors to choose for your pale pink men’s custom made shirts include purple, mauve, blue, and green.


Solid-colored shirts may be important wardrobe staples, but stripes really make for more interesting shirts. There are countless designs to choose from. The trick with striped men’s custom made shirts is to choose a tie that doesn’t clash with the pattern or color. One way to approach choosing a tie is to combine a diagonal or horizontal striped tie with a vertical striped shirt. Geometric designs, polka dots, and paisley ties could possibly work; it depends on your personal preference and being careful to choose suitable color combinations.


Another way to add excitement to your men’s custom made shirts is to go with checks. The general rule of thumb for choosing ties to go with check shirts is to choose a tie with larger patterns than the check on the shirt. An exception is if you have a window pane check design on the shirt fabric. In that instance, you have much more flexibility when choosing a tie.

Whether you choose solid-colored, checked, or striped men’s custom made shirts, you can count on looking sharp.