Men’s Dress Shirts Houston 

Men’s dress shirts Houston only look positively outstanding on a man when they are custom made for the individual. Obviously, there is added expense to buying a custom made shirt as opposed to buying one of the mass-produced styles found on store racks. Style experts say, however, that owning a couple of custom tailored men’s dress shirts from Houston is far better than owning a closet full of ill-fitting garments. The following are the top four reasons made-from-scratch dress shirts are worth the added expense.

A Lasting Investment

You can probably buy at least three off-the-rack shirts for the price of bespoke men’s dress shirts Houston. The generic shirts, however, don’t produce the look of good taste and affluence that every man should attain to. Custom-made dress shirts are an investment with an enduring payoff. You will stand out in a very good way amongst the majority of men who don’t make the choice to invest in their wardrobe and who don’t choose quality over quantity.

Proper Fit

You look better when you wear a shirt that fits closely to your body without pinching or pulling in one area or another. Off-the-rack dress shirts are made to fit a wide range of men who happen to have the same sleeve length and collar size. The shirts are usually billowy in one area and too snug in others. It is distinctly noticeable when men wear properly fitting Houston men’s dress shirts.


Quality Materials

The fabrics used for custom-made shirts by expert tailor Rudy Festari are literally the finest. Festari buys fabrics from the five foremost mills in the world. Fabric choice is a significant element of men’s dress shirts Houston. For instance, you may find a fabric which actually is a two-ply fabric with high thread count but because it is produced in a mill that uses substandard materials and practices, it may not possess the high quality of a one-ply fabric with a much lower thread count that is made in one of the world’s leading mills. The luxuriousness, durability, and comfortable feel of fabrics used at Festari for Men are evident.


It is better to wear a style that is in fashion but that is not a clone of mass produced dress shirts. Rudy Festari, owner of Festari for Men, has a distinct sense of style that is recognized and renowned the world over.

You are one-of-a-kind, and there is no reason that your men’s dress shirts Houston shouldn’t be, too.