Mens custom dress Shirts

Mens custom dress shirts can always be found at Festari for Men, where quality and service reign supreme.

Rudy Festari was born and raised in Rome, Italy, a city known for its history, including its history of innovation and design.  As he grew up, Rudy determined that men’s fashions was his pathway to success, so he studiously applied himself, and finally became an expert in men’s fashion design and a master in fine tailoring.  Later, Rudy brought his expertise and experience to America, and founded Festari for Men, located at 1800 Post Oak Boulevard in Houston, Texas.  There, Rudy and his team create the finest in Mens custom dress shirts.

No matter where you are on the rungs of your particular ladder of success, your attire can help you project an image that will get you noticed, thereby enhancing your chances of climbing further up that proverbial ladder.  Festari for Men will design and create the right apparel for every occasion that will enhance your particular individuality.  To Rudy Festari, his success is measured by your success.  When you’re thinking about Mens custom dress shirts, you should think about Rudy Festari and Festari for Men.

Mens custom dress shirts – Best in Quality and Service

When Rudy Festari envisioned Festari for Men, he dreamed of creating a warm and comfortable place, where men could relax and be themselves in a friendly atmosphere – a place where clients would be friends, and a place where high quality and personal service prevailed.  Rudy has made his dream come true, and Mens custom dress shirts from Festari for Men can help you achieve your own.

Whatever attire you choose at Festari for Men, you can rest assured that it is made from the finest materials available, that it is expertly designed, and that it is impeccably tailored just for you.  When you see Rudy Festari’s label on any article of men’s clothing, you know the quality is built in, because Rudy Festari is proud of his name, and you can take pride in wearing Rudy’s Mens custom dress shirts.

Some of the service at Festari for Men has already been explained, but there’s more.  Men are men, and sometimes a man is just naturally more comfortable making decisions within the comfort of his own surroundings.  Also, sometimes a man’s busy schedule just doesn’t allow time to make a trip to Festari for Men.  Whatever the reason, wouldn’t it be nice if your tailor would come to you?  Rudy Festari has arranged it, so all you have to do is call 713-626-1234, and set up an appointment for one of Rudy’s master tailors to visit you at your home or office, at a time of your choosing.  Rudy also guarantees that your custom attire will be ready for you to wear within seven to ten days.  Now, that’s the Rudy Festari idea of personal service, so when you’re considering Mens custom dress shirts, consider Festari for Men.