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Mens custom made shirts Houston from Festari for Men are built with expertise and painstaking attention to detail. The quality of the garments is evident. Even when an untrained eye doesn’t know the specific reasons, the fact that the shirts are of outstanding quality is obvious. There are specific tailoring practices which are proof of devotion to quality. Do you know what to look for? The following are a few tips for how to recognize the level of quality of garments, including mens custom made shirts Houston.

Signs of Quality Mens Clothing

It is an understatement to simply say that not all shirts and suits are made with the same standards of excellence. The differences from one shirt or suit to another can be numerous enough that they are difficult to count. Here are a few details which exemplify quality construction, and it can serve as a guide to help you avoid paying too much for your clothing:

  • Quality mens custom made shirts Houston are fully functional. For example, on sport coats, the lapels can be closed across the chest. Suit cuffs should button, and pocket flaps should tuck in smoothly. Although shirts are close-fitting when made properly, the wearer is able to move the arms and body in any position without the mens custom made shirts Houston bunching up, pinching, or causing discomfort of any kind.
  • The size of the stitches on made-from scratch dress shirts is an indication of the construction quality. The stitches should be close. Check visible stitches on the shirt collars and buttonholes, to find an indicator of quality.
  • The machine work is done with a single-needle, not a twin needle on mens custom made shirts Houston at Festari. It is more difficult to work with a single needle, which is why the vast majority of off-the-rack shirts are made with twin needle construction. The parallel stitches do not lie as smoothly as single-needle seams. In addition, after only a few washes, puckering typically occurs between the parallel stitches.
  • Quality wool suits made today will still have a horsehair canvas underneath the wool shell, rather than the fused synthetic lining that has been adopted by many suit makers in recent years. A suit built with the fused technique doesn’t hold its shape over time; it starts out overly stiff and then begins losing its shape altogether. Be alert to tailors who use a half-canvassed technique, which is still a compromise of suit quality that cannot be redeemed even with the finest of mens custom made shirts Houston underneath.