Mens Dress Shirts Online Houston 

Mens dress shirts online Houston are of a much greater quality when made from scratch by master bespoke tailor of Italy Rudy Festari. Quality is built into the construction and numerous details of the finest Houston mens dress shirts available online.

Evidence of a Quality Dress Shirt

If you are not sure what to look for, in determining what makes a custom shirt look so much better in style, quality, and fit than a ready-made garment, see the following:

  • One of the hallmarks of fine mens dress shirts online Houston is a collar with a removable collar stay. You can count on having impeccable appearance in your made-from-scratch shirt from Festari for Men, including collars that don’t roll up or curl at the ends.
  • Custom dress shirts always have gauntlet or placket buttons, the small buttons which are halfway up the forearm. Remember that all buttons on a shirt should be buttoned when you’re wearing them, with the possible exception of the cuffs when wearing a jacket, which is a style choice.
  • The mens dress shirts online Houston that are of fine quality have a split yoke rather than a single yoke across the back shoulders. The pattern will be perfectly matched up on the split yoke of shirts from Festari for Men.
  • On shirts made with patterned fabric, the patterns are also invariably matched at the shoulders, on fine garments.
  • The fabrics used on mens dress shirts online Houston are superior to the material used for generic clothing. Part of the secret of fine fabrics is purchasing from only the world’s finest mills, as Festari does.
  • Even the buttons on the shirt are an indication of quality. Buttons made with mother of pearl are the epitome of quality because the material is not as thick as plastic buttons but has superior hardness and durability.
  • A feature rarely found on any shirts besides custom tailored shirts is the placement of additional fabric at the bottom of the shirt at the side seams. The additional fabric ensures that the shirt is able to withstand multiple wearings and washings without evidence of wear and tear.

Fit, the Obvious Difference

There is no detail as important as fit, to distinguish a custom dress shirt to an off-the-rack garment. The fit is what makes the biggest impact to those who see a man in a tailored garment. Because most men wear mass-produced shirts that fit poorly, a man with a bespoke mens dress shirts online Houston is clearly a standout.