Mens Tailored Dress Shirts Houston 

Mens tailored dress shirts Houston are made by expert tailors who understand all of the features which elevate the quality of a shirt. Another benefit of custom shirts is that tailors know all of the tips and secrets for dressing a man in the way which makes the most of his physique. For mens tailored dress shirts Houston to look their best, the head to toe physique of the individual must be taken into consideration. Tips for dressing a thin man, large man, tall man, and short man follow:


Although it may seem no special alterations may be needed for a thin man, there are various strategies for enhancing his appearance. For instance, care should be taken to ensure that the collar of mens tailored dress shirts Houston fit snugly against the skin of a thin man. In addition, the shirt cuffs need to be tight enough that they don’t slip off when buttoned.

Added bulk in a garment may be needed for a thin man. Extreme additions should be avoided, such as a bulky double-breasted suit, because a man’s frame may become swallowed up in the fashion he is wearing. Appropriate ways to add bulk are to use trouser pleats, thick cuffs on the sleeves of mens tailored dress shirts Houston, and pockets with flaps, as opposed to “jetted” pockets, which are the kind with narrow slits.


Solid colors are best for heavy men. Although vertical lines can be slimming, the slimming effect can be lost in mens tailored dress shirts Houston if the body’s shape bends curves into the lines. The chest will look thinner and longer with a jacket that has a very deep “V” in the front. Trousers should be worn with suspenders, since a belt will draw attention to the midsection.


It’s best to avoid clothing that will cause men taller than 6 foot 3 inches to appear to be looming over those around them. The journey of the eyes on a tall man’s body should be broken up by side-to-side elements and other horizontal lines. Certainly, do not choose fabric with vertical stripes to create mens tailored dress shirts from Houston for tall men, since the style adds height. Pocket flaps and larger lapels are some of the features that can help present a tall man with a more proportional and balanced look.


The best way to dress a short man is to accommodate uninterrupted travel of the eyes up the body and into the air above. Vertical striping is the best choice for mens tailored dress shirts Houston for short men. Lengthen the impression of a man’s legs by cutting the trousers as high in the crotch as possible.

All mens tailored dress shirts Houston give mens wardrobes a significant boost but even more so when his entire look is built with physique taken into consideration.