Mens tailored shirts Houston

Mens tailored shirts Houston are built from scratch at Festari for Men. One of the choices to be made when creating a new garment is what color fabric to choose. The color of your shirt can be as important as the design and hand stitching. There are four aspects of color that can help you make the right choices for your mens tailored shirt Houston: The color wheel, matching versus contrasting colors, complexion, and seasons.

The Color Wheel

There is a science to colors, and you can rely on that science to steer you in the right direction when you choose colors for your wardrobe. The goal is to avoid dressing in hues that are mismatched and have a jarring effect on the eyes. The principles of understanding the color wheel are uncomplicated. The following are a few examples:

  • Complementary colors are located directly across from one another on the wheel. These colors create bold contrasts.
  • Analogous colors border each other, such as orange, red-orange, and red. These can be used for color-coordinated outfits.
  • Neutral colors are also referred to as “non-colors” and can be combined with variations of each color. Neutral colors include white, black, and shades of gray and are excellent choices for solids and patterns for mens tailored shirt Houston.

Matching Versus Contrasting

Balance should be considered along with complexion when determining whether to wear matching or contrasting colors. High contrast can be perfect for clothing that would otherwise be unremarkable. For uniquely tailored outfits, matching colors are best, to achieve balance. Complexion is part of the equation of achieving balance.


It may come as a surprise to many, but the color of your skin, hair, and eyes contribute to which color of mens tailored shirt Houston and other garments to choose. Men with hair about the color of their skin or with no hair should wear clothing with low contrast because outfits with a strong contrast can be overpowering.

Another example is that some men are considered “high-contrast” because their natural complexion is characterized by colors that are starkly different. A man with dark hair and fair skin has a high-contrast complexion. The best choices in clothing also have high contrast, such as light shirts, dark suits, and bold ties.


Seasons are another reason for considering the colors for your mens tailored shirts Houston. Lighting variations in nature influence these dictates of color. Rich colors of clothing are desirable in winter, with the backdrop of grey and white. Earth tones look best against the riotous colors of summer.

What colors will you choose for you mens tailored shirts Houston from Festari for Men?