Online Custom Dress Shirts

Online custom dress shirts are ideal for wearing with ties, but that sometimes depends upon the tie. You can have a tasteful bespoke dress shirt made by a master tailor, but the look can be spoiled if you wear the wrong tie. Yes, a tie can potentially bring down your entire look. In addition to all of the other garments that go along with it, it’s important to wear online custom dress shirts with an appropriate tie.

In many instances, there is nothing wrong with wearing what you like, even if it goes against fashion. But if you are a business professional, you should be aware that there are fashion mistakes that can be made with your ties. Even if you wear high quality online custom dress shirts, your tie can be the cause of a fashion misstep.

Tied Incorrectly

One of the rites of passage into manhood is learning how to properly tie a necktie. It is not an easy feat. There are many ways to get it wrong and detract from the look of your high quality online custom dress shirts. When tied incorrectly, the tie may be too long, too short, or have a knot that is too flimsy to fill the gap at the collar.

Clashing Patterns or Colors

It is not uncommon for men to make the fashion mistake of choosing a tie that clashes with his online custom dress shirts. The shade of the tie should complement both shirt and suit. A simplified approach is to wear a white dress shirt with a charcoal or navy suit; any tie will work with that combination.

Wrong Tie for the Occasion

Certain occasions have dress codes that include which type of tie is appropriate. A black tie affair requires a self-tied black bow tie, for example.

Cheesy Novelty Ties

As mentioned before, it’s nice to have the confidence to wear garments that capture the essence of your personality. But in any type of business or formal atmosphere, it is not the right time to wear a kitschy novelty tie that completely detracts from the elegance of your online custom dress shirts.

Wrinkled Ties

When you are sporting custom-made shirts, it may be hard to imagine, but your necktie is still a focal point of your ensemble. It’s essential that you not wear a stained or wrinkled necktie because it is noticeable immediately and doesn’t make a good statement about your conscientiousness.

When in doubt about your necktie or any other element of your wardrobe, you can’t go wrong if you consult the tailor that makes your online custom dress shirts.