Online Custom Made Dress Shirts

Online custom made dress shirts provide an ideal solution to common problems that men have with off-the-rack clothing. You can avoid having to wear a puffy shirt with sub-par fabric and features that reveal the fact that the shirt was a bargain. Online custom-made dress shirts from Festari for Men are a great start to a wardrobe that makes the kind of statements you want your clothes to make.

Not Too Puffy

When you buy a shirt that was cut to fit a wide range of body types, you often run into the problem of a shirt with too much extra fabric. Your shirt should not balloon out, due to improper fit. Enjoy wearing a shirt with the proper fit when you purchase online custom made dress shirts from Festari.

No matter what type of physique you have, the fit of your shirt should be close to your body. Many people have the idea that you can hide extra bulk with extra fabric, but the opposite is actually true. The more effective way to create a slenderizing effect is to wear properly fitted clothes.

When you order online custom made dress shirts from Festari, at least 16 measurements are taken. The pattern of the shirt is made from the measurements. Think about the fact that off-the-rack shirts are selected according to neck size and sleeve length. Using merely two measurements cannot come close to achieving the fit of bespoke clothing.

Not Lacking in Quality

All of the fabrics used to make clothing at Festari for Men are from the top five mills in the world. The fabric used for online custom made dress shirts is luxurious, durable, and obviously a cut above the clothing made for the masses. One way to tell the quality of fabric is by simply feeling it. The fabrics are more tightly woven, and they are made in mills that don’t skimp on quality.

Not Made in a Hurry

Shirts that are mass-produced usually have outer stitching that is done with twin needles. These seams always begin to pucker after a few washing’s. The reason twin needles are used is because it is much easier and faster to produce shirts with twin stitches. Twin needles are not used to make online custom made dress shirts from Festari. This is just one of many small details that make a huge difference in how the shirts look.

You only have to look at off-the-rack and how they fit to know that few men truly want their clothes making the statement that they are not overly concerned about their appearance. There is something to be said for dressing for success, and it is something you will do with online custom made dress shirts from Festari.