Online Custom Shirts

Online custom shirts are a great investment for any man. If you aren’t wearing custom clothes, it’s highly unlikely that you wear clothing that truly fits your body. When you wear clothes that fit as opposed to wearing generic clothing made for men in a certain size range, the difference is truly remarkable. In fact, the cost difference between online custom shirts is small compared to the difference in the way you look and the difference in the impression you make to the world around you.

If you are interested in dressing for success, the most important detail you should be careful about is wearing clothing that fits. You won’t simply measure for your neck and sleeve length when you order online custom shirts. Instead, you will take approximately 16 measurements. Only after recording all of your measurements, the pattern for the shirt will be made.

The Fit of Custom Shirts

Sometimes you look at a person and just know they look sharp, but you aren’t sure exactly what the difference is between him and everyone around him. The following are some of the signs that a shirt fits correctly:

  • When your online custom shirts are tucked in, there is no excessive fabric billowing out from your waist.
  • The fabric doesn’t stretch across the chest, stomach, or buttons.
  • The shoulder seams rest on the edge of the shoulder and not above or below the edge.
  • The shift cuffs end at the dimple in both of your wrists. Most people have arms of different lengths. Unless you buy online custom shirts, you will usually have one sleeve that fits better than the other.
  • There is a slight difference of opinion in the fashion world about the shirt collar. Some say only one finger should fit between the neck and collar but most say no more than two fingers.

Importance of Good Fit

The way your clothing looks on you is a projection of your future self. Unless you have already reached your ultimate employment position, you don’t dress for your current job. Instead, you dress for the job you aspire to have. Many people have the idea that all that’s really important is the way a man conducts his business. Unfortunately, human nature being what it is, the importance of looking professional cannot be overstated. It probably goes without saying that if two men are being considered for a promotion, if one of them wears online custom shirts and the other wears ill-fitting clothing, the man with the appropriate wardrobe will get the job virtually every time.

If you are still wearing off-the-rack shirts, don’t wait another day. Order online custom shirts today, and change your future for the better. call (713) 626-1234. TODAY