Online men’s fitted dress Shirts

Online men’s fitted dress shirts will make you look your best, and it does not mean you are stuffy about your clothing. It is perfectly fashionable at certain times and in certain ways to roll up your dress shirt sleeves. Especially in Texas summer heat, there are many times when a well-dressed man can roll up his online men’s fitted dress shirts without sacrificing his look of professionalism.

The Shirt

If you roll up the sleeves on a shirt that is too large for you and has extra fabric in the sleeves, the look will hardly be sharp and clean. Form-fitting or slim-fitting online men’s fitted dress shirts will not create the problem of creating unsightly bulk when you roll them up. Wearing a custom fit shirt makes a huge difference in how you look, including when you roll up the sleeves.

Techniques for Rolling Up your Sleeves

When you wear online men’s fitted dress shirts, you will always have both cuff and gauntlet buttons. The gauntlet is the open area of the shirt at the forearm, and off-the-rack shirts often don’t have this detailed feature. Many men choose to leave the gauntlet button fastened so that the shirt will have a sleeker look with the sleeves rolled up. Keep in mind, however, that leaving it buttoned could create additional wear and tear on your sleeve and could wear away at the beautiful hand sewn button holes. Clothiers recommend unbuttoning both the cuff and gauntlet buttons when you roll up your sleeves. The following are two different techniques for rolling up the sleeves on your online men’s fitted dress shirts, and keep in mind that cuff and gauntlet buttons are unfastened for both techniques:

  • A timeless and classy look is to roll up the sleeves to mid forearm, below the elbow. This is a quick, non-fussy approach that men in Texas frequently use, particularly exposed to the outdoor heat. Not much arm is exposed with this approach; and for that reason, it is appropriate even at a more formal occasion. Here is the look, step-by-step: Simply fold the sleeve once, the length of the cuff and then a second time; and you’re all set.
  • The favorite after-hours technique for rolling up sleeves on online men’s fitted dress shirts is to roll the sleeve as above but continuing to fold neatly and while keeping the fabric flat all the way up past the elbow.

Order online men’s fitted dress shirts and you can count on looking your best, whether your sleeves are down or rolled up.