Online Menswear Texas

At Festari for Men, we offer the finest qualities available in high-end online menswear Texas. We also offer ready-to-wear styles. There are many details and variables which come together to produce an exceptional suit.  Whatever fashion you choose at Festari for Men, you can be sure you are getting the best in construction, trimmings, and design.


The craftsmanship or construction of online menswear Texas is measured by many different factors, which is another reason to entrust your wardrobe to the widely respected professionals at Festari for Men. Some construction considerations which impact the final product include:

  • The quality of the cloth used.
  • The expertise of the tailor.
  • Whether the online menswear in Texas is sewn by machine, by hand, or partly by both, to achieve the best results.
  • The type of technique used for attaching the sleeves.
  • How buttonholes are created.
  • The tailoring techniques used for making the lapel.

The questions above vary widely from factory to factory, but consumers can benefit by understanding exactly what it is they are paying for. A retail price should be justified according to the quality of construction technique, material, and design.

Another construction consideration that the average layperson is unaware of in online menswear in Texas is construction of the “floating chest piece.” One type of quality construction is half-canvas, which is a floating chest piece from shoulder line, through the lapel, to lower part of the wearer’s ribs. The preferred method for high-end suits is full canvas, and there are also unlined and unstructured options.

Well-constructed suits typically have reinforced seams in areas where they are needed and lining to the knees. Heel guards at the bottom of trousers are also standard in many options for online menswear in Texas. Quality construction also includes attention to detail such as collars and cuffs, including collars that don’t sag if worn without a necktie.


Using the best quality of cloth cannot make up for a lack of essential trimmings for online menswear in Texas. Cupro is a silk-like regenerated cotton material used to line high quality suits. Cupro drapes nicely and is durable and breathable. Suits of lessor quality sometimes have polyester lining; polyester holds in the heat, which is counterproductive to the most desirable qualities of a wool suit.

Another trimming which makes a difference in the overall appearance of online menswear in Texas is the material used for buttons. Instead using inexpensive plastic for buttons, for instance, we use mother of pearl, horn, and other quality materials which also add to the fashion and style of a suit.


Many of our customers at Festari for Men come to us for online menswear Texas because of our ability to create individualized and up-to-date designs for each client. Our custom suits are known for reflecting the taste and personality of each customer. Rudy Festari is widely known for his smart and fashionable designs for men’s suits. Every detail of a suit contributes to the overall effect, including the slant of the cuff, the curve of the breast pocket, and the structure of the collar.

Because details matter, those who seek the highest quality of online menswear Texas go to Festari for Men.