Online Tailored Dress Shirts

Online tailored dress shirts are made to suit the customer, and there are many details that need to be decided upon. One detail that is unique to custom-made shirts is a monogram. Men can distinguish themselves with online tailored dress shirts and can set their shirts apart from all others by adding their initials.

Monogram Protocols

There are ground rules of fashion that apply to a display of embroidered initials on online tailored dress shirts. There are actually blunders you can make that can suggest a lack of good taste or discernment in how to wear top quality custom-fit clothes.

Monograms were initially used as a way of identifying to whom online tailored dress shirts belonged, which was important because large groups of shirts were being laundered at the same time. In this day and age, however, men usually monogram their shirts as a way of giving them a personal feature. Dress shirt monograms are two or three small embroidery letters which usually represent the wearer’s initials.

Placing a Monogram

There are several places men can choose from that are all perfectly acceptable for a monogram on online tailored dress shirts. Shirt collars and cuffs are popular places for the embroidered initials, but the choice is often perceived as pretentious. These locations for a monogram are conspicuous and yet serve no particular function. The general perception of men who have their shirts monogrammed on the shirt or cuff is that they are either insecure or snobby. More subtle locations are the norm today.

Many men choose a monogram on the left forearm, which is a subtle place until the man removes his suit or sports jacket. It is not considered suitable to place the monogram on the right forearm, since it becomes more noticeable when shaking hands with someone.

To ensure subtlety, placing a monogram a couple of inches above the trouser line on the shirt front is a great choice for online tailored dress shirts.

Monogram Styles and Colors

Shirt monograms can be done in many styles. You can choose the font for your monogram as well as the color. Most tailors give customers a choice of script or block text on a monogram, but specialty fonts are sometimes available for online tailored dress shirts. A choice of color is also given, and your professional tailor can give tips on what is tasteful and subtle on a particular fabric. The monogram should stand out but not in a brash way.

Keep in mind that adding a monogram is one of many details you can decide upon when you order online tailored dress shirts.