Tailor Houston

Tailor Houston – quality custom clothing for the discriminating man can be found at Festari for Men. Turn to us when you are looking for the best in bespoke clothing anywhere in the United States or around the world. Our tradition was born in Rome, Italy and lives on in Houston where our discerning customers find classic conservative clothing as uncompromising as they are. Our Tailor Houston dresses the very best, from wildly successful entrepreneurs to gridiron greats. We know how to make you look as uncompromising about your personal style as you are about your professional one.

If you’ve just started your climb on the corporate ladder, allow us to partner with you as you make your mark on the world? It isn’t entirely true that “the clothes make the man.” The man makes the man, but the Tailor Houston makes the clothing that makes the man memorable.

Once a man has donned a suit that was made specifically for him, he rarely goes back to even the best of off-the-rack clothing. A Tailor Houston understands that human beings are assymetrical – sometimes it’s the left shoulder that’s slightly higher than the right. Occasionally one leg is longer enough to notice and, nothing shows off your tiny imperfections like an off-the-rack suit. That’s why men who care about the impressions they make look for a Tailor Houston. A Tailor Houston who is classically trained and meticulous in his craft, creates clothing that gives you an extra helping of confidence; and it is that confidence that can make your career move away from outstanding all the way to legendary.

When you want to make an excellent first impression, why trust your personal dignity to an off-the-rack suit that fails to make the most of your best attributes and doesn’t work to conceal your small flaws? If you want to impress people, it’s not a good idea to appear in unflattering clothing. In the world of high-octane business deals, there is no place for a poorly turned cuff or a haphazardly stitched hem. Your look is important to our Tailor Houston because it is also our look. We take perfection as seriously as you do.

Allow our Tailor Houston to dress you for success. From custom suits to made-to-measure offerings with an available 7 to 10 day delivery guarantee, our professional staff and Tailor Houston can bring your personal sense of style to its ultimate expression. This gravitas allows you to take command in any room – and that is, after all, one of the gifts that makes you a formidable man. Our skilled staff can intensify your dynamic energy and keep all eyes on you, a lynchpin to leadership success.

Visit our store by appointment or, if you prefer, have us bring our best to you. Personal shopping appointments either in your office or in your home helps to minimize distractions and allows your business dealings to go on uninterrupted while our Tailor Houston works his magic matching your personal style with your professional one.