Tailored Dress Shirts Online

Tailored dress shirts online offer men numerous benefits. Nothing tops a great fit, for garments to elevate your wardrobe. With custom clothes, you have something very special going for you in addition to great fit, that being the fashion expertise of the tailor. Most men don’t know when they commit a fashion faux pas. Actually, mothers, wives, and girlfriends are often most helpful when it comes to offering fashion advice. Grown men who prefer not to rely on females for wardrobe tips will appreciate that when they order tailored dress shirts online, they gain fashion guidance from men’s fashion experts.

Fashion Mistakes Men Make

There are times when the good fit and fashion of tailored dress shirts online can lose some of their positive effects because of accompanying fashion mistakes. Avoiding the mistake of wearing clothes that don’t fit is a big plus, however. The following are among the most common men’s fashion mistakes.

Monogram Faux Pas.  Men typically have monograms on their tailored dress shirts online, but not for the same reasons they were originally used. The initials, in former times, were important to distinguish one man’s laundry from another’s. Today, monograms are a continued tradition but more to provide personal character to the shirts. The following are considered fashion mistakes associated with monograms:

  • When monograms are conspicuous, they tend to broadcast a message that the wearer is either insecure or a bit pompous. It is considered far more tasteful to place monograms discreetly.
  • The left forearm is a popular spot for initials, but they become more evident when a jacket or suit coat is removed. Monogrammed initials are not usually added to the right forearm, since they can be conspicuous when shaking hands.
  • Even if the initials have a more subtle placement, such as a couple of inches above the waistline, they can be considered to lack in taste if they stand out on the fabric too boldly or are made with a flashy, rather than a simple, design.

Color Faux Pas. When choosing the fabric for your tailored dress shirts online, the color of the pants you will wear them with should be taken into consideration. The tie color is also important, when tying a look together. The color wheel provides guidelines for choosing the right way to match elements of your wardrobe. Without help and advice, many men commit the fashion mistake of wearing colors that clash.

There is much that you will appreciate when you buy tailored dress shirts online, and solid fashion advice is among the favorite benefits. call Rudy to at (713) 626-1234